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  1_2003mink    3500 minks were realesed in Tunby, Sweden (2003)

               &3500 minks were realesed in Tunby, Sweden (2003)


    ALFdogs      Liberated beagles and liberator. Liberated from Harlan lab in Germany

                            ALFinlab                                alfmonkey2

                            ALFrabbits Band of Mercy holding two liberated rabbits

                           britches                                 britches1                                Britches2
Britches was liberated by the ALF from the University of California in 1985. Experimenters had crudely sewn up her eyes and were keeping her in isolation.

  bunny2                                     chickenlibs                            chimp 

                                     DorsetUK2s    DorsetUKs
                                                                Dorset County, UK 11/06/04. battery Farm, 45 hens liberated

                            duobeagles   ?harlan?                 FERRET                                       freeyourturkey.gif

  harlan2doglibs          ALFBeagles    Activist about to liberate a dog from a Harlan laboratory in Germany. Harlan experiment on animals and also breed them for other labs around the world. Picture taken during a raid in Germany in which 25 dogs were liberated.

                       hlsfeb04                          kdsf65_05                                    kfc06_feb0605_12-03

  kfc-100_098oct04_scruz450slide     KFCfoodgiveaways     lambflowers       

            LIBERAchimps Two baby chimps held by masked liberator. Four baby chimpanzees were rescued from the SEMA laboratory in Rockville, Maryland. Jane Goodall called her visit to SEMA "the worst experience of my life".

  macoirabbit      Rabbits for vivisection liberated in England

                       madrid_06                          marchers3s                              MeetMeatTVs

  minkincage                            mommosets   

                         monkeypuppy     in Hindu temple where an abused neglected monkey was seen adopting a stray puppy dog


  PIG                                            pigeonreligionslide            pigletfaces 

Breeder, 210 Rabbits Pampaloni Rolando farm in Fauglia (Pisa), Italy 7/24/2004


Ramiseto Italy, 11/14/04, Rabbit Meat Farm, 14 liberated"../images/slideshow/regalrabbi                        regalrabbits
Regal Rabbits breeder was closed in less than 1 month by the ALF and a campaign

     ALFchickens liberated chicks. 2 may 2001 - Avesta: For the second time the ALF visited Karl Bengs chinchillafarm in Avesta. They liberated all 40 chinchillas and also 21 chickens that were on the farm. The raid was carried out the night before the farmers birthday, and the farm later shut down

                          rescued_hens     757 Glenbrook Road (corner of Kingseat Road). Glenbrook, south of Auckland   44 chickens liberated

             rescuedferret                 rodentincage   ALFWallsign    
animals liberated from WB Saul High School 4.10.04  Roxborough , PA  USA
47 animals:

  rescuedrooster    Liberated battery hens feel the earth and the sun for the first time. Rescued by Compassion Over Killing

                         sealslaughterprotestslide2      sealslaughterprotestslide


   spain_chinchillas    Bego�a Chinchilla Fur Farm
the only Chinchilla farm in Spain
40 chinchillas, 1 rabbit, 1 ferret
November 5, 2003
for Barry Horne

        spaincarnehumane1s            spaniardsvsfur

  spray_paints                        stoptorturesigns                    thefutures                                    torch_1

  TwoMICE                               UofI_Raid1104s                   vivisection_protest                    wetsealfurprotestslide


Moscow State University, 1 rabbit liberated, 11/08/04
110 rats, 5 rabbits liberated from biological lab May 8, 2004

        zara2slide                                    zz_KFC                                        zz_KFCchina

  zz_RIfleshprotest              zz_RIfleshprotest2                      zz_skinprotest          zz100_protestingovernorsoffice2

  zz108_ALFwithduck          zz109_compassion            zz110_interview_2-12-05slide      zz51RabbitLib02

  zz52_613freed062300        zz53_hole_and_cages          zz54_Sw-chick                           zz55_umgraffiti

  zz56_WArabbit250                  zz57_wwu102499                  zz58_Bunge4a                          zz59_Bunge9a

  zz60_Bunge27a                      zz61_Natdoz8a                         zz62_Tashen2a                      zz63_Haphen34a

  zz64_Haphen39a                  zz65_1horse                              zz66_2cage                              zz67_2hens

  zz68_cages                              zz69_P101                                  zz70_hen1                              zz71_20

  zz72_Carryingfox                  zz73_UofI_11.18.04                zz74_foiegrasprotest           zz75_ALF4


 German Mink Liberation, 9/8/04, 10 Liberated

                      zz78_ALF1                              zz79_ALF2

  zz80_BANDOF1                      zz81_human_nazis                  zz82_im001590                      zz83_USDAGR5

  zz84_BrazilMeatOut                zz85_LLIBERAT                      zz86_TerroristPosterLarge   zz87_chick22

  zz88_chick38                          zz89_chick55                              zz90_chick56                          zz91_chick57

  zz92_animallibyouth              zz93_dogrescue                      zz94_kfc55b                              zz95_kfcprotest

  zz96_kfcprotest2             zz97_kfcprotest3           zz98_PattyMark_04_broiler      zz99_protestingovernorsoffice

  zzALFchickens                      zzALFwithpiglet                          zzz_HoneybakedProtest             


University of Leon, Spain 1 beagle liberated, 9/12/04s rescued, 9/2/04 Photos from a Wellington, New Zealand Battery farm raid where hens were liberated. On the Morning of September 2nd 2004 the a cell of the Animal Liberation Front gained entry into Golden Gate Poultry farm in Wellington, New Zealand, to witness conditions and liberate chickens.

Moscow, hunting station, 2 foxes liberated, 8/11/04

UK Battery Hens, 2004, 100's released

Breeder, Several hundreds rats, some mice and 20 chickens
Goete Olofsson, Selkna gard, Uppsala, in Sweden

Brigham Young University, Provo Utah, 5/17/04 rabbit liberated

Sweden, 120 Hens Vadstena, Sweden May 2, 2004
120 hens liberated

:: mink, fur farm ::

Carral, Galicia
6500 mink freed, 300,000 euros of damage

Spain rabbit lib, May 1, 2003, vegano 120 rabbits liberated

Beagle liberation from a dog vivisection breeder. Marshall Farms - New Rose NY
Dec 5, 2001
30 beagle pups
10 Ferrets
Marshall Farms is one of the largest dog and ferret breeders in America, and according to the communique, was targeted due to its connection with HLS.


The last fox farm on the finnish island �land, was attacked by The Wild Fox Brigade i november 2004. Over 2000 foxes was dyied with henna. The biggest henna raid in the world!
Picture is from a local newspaper, showing the farmers holding up a colored fox.


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