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       HampshireUKpartridges1              HampshireUKpartridges2           HampshireUKpartridges      
Hampshire UK, 100+ partridges released from hunting estate, 9/9/04

Moscowhuntedfoxes1_8.11.04            Moscowhuntedfoxes3_8.11.04   Moscowhuntedfoxes2_8.11.04    Moscowhuntedfoxes4_8.11.04
 Moscow, hunting station, 2 foxes liberated, 8/11/04

UK Hunt Saboteur



not used

     in Hindu temple where an abused neglected monkey was seen adopting a stray puppy dog



A bear looks from a cage at a village in Shenyang, northeast China's Liaoning province
May 27, 2005.
China's animal activists rescued ten bears that were caged and had catheters implanted into their gall bladders to extract bile in the farm. Bile, which is believed to have healing power, is extracted from about 7,000 bears on more than 200 farms in China, which began regulating bear farming in 1993, according to animal welfare group.