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carralspain2_4.9.04       carralspain1_4.9.04
April 9, 2004. Carral, Galicia Spain. 6500 mink freed, 300,000 euros of damage

 3500 minks were realesed in Tunby, Sweden (2003)

zz77_Alemania96    germanminklib1_9.8.04   germanminklib2_9.8.04
 German Mink Liberation, 9/8/04, 10 Liberated

   FERRET          minkincage        mommosets 

  vegano2_jpg      vegano3_jpg      vegano5_jpg
Spain rabbit lib, May 1, 2003, vegano 120 rabbits liberated

          pisa-204s                 pisa-1-04               pisa-5-04                 pisa-7-04
    Breeder, 210 Rabbits Pampaloni Rolando farm in Fauglia (Pisa), Italy 7/24/2004

     bunny2                zz51RabbitLib02    zz56_WArabbit250       regalrabbits
 Regal Rabbits breeder was closed in less than 1 month by the ALF and a campaign

      ALFrabbits            zz80_BANDOF1        zz57_wwu102499
Band of Mercy holding two liberated rabbits

  spain_chinchillas        spain_chins3s            spain_chins4          spain_chins5           zz71_20
Bego˝a Chinchilla Fur Farm. The only Chinchilla farm in Spain
40 chinchillas, 1 rabbit, 1 ferret. November 5, 2003, for Barry Horne

Picture is from a local newspaper, showing the farmers holding up a colored fox. The last fox farm on the Finnish island ┼land, was attacked by The Wild Fox Brigade November 1, 2004. Over 2000 foxes were dyed with henna. The biggest henna raid in the world!

 June 3th, 2005 (Moscow region, village Zverosovkhoz) - ALF members cut metal fence in order to gain access to the fur farm 'Pushkinsky'.
    The cages were overcrowded with ferrets. Activists take away more than 180 ferrets in bags and release them far away from the fur farm in a forest. Some of cages were destroyed. Slogans "Freedom to animals!" and "ALF" was left inside of fur farm.
    Watch the liberation:

May 29th, 2005 (Moscow region, village Andreevka) - activists get into a breeding farm. After destroying the door, they take away about 3000 mice.

Responsibility for this action is claimed by the Animal Rights Militia (ARM). It was the first action of ARM in Russia.

Russian Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group