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The Animals Voice Picture Gallery

Pictures speak louder than words. Even in this day of the Internet, a photo still carries weight. It's no less true of the images now residing in The Animals Voice Picture Gallery — of which there are more than 5,000.

These days, The Animals Voice is pretty much just one person, me, Laura Moretti. Thanks to technology, I'm able to publish The Animals Voice Magazine on a print-and-demand basis (so I have no overhead). And thanks to all my years in graphic design and web production, I can maintain a relatively substantial site that features pictures, news, editorial, investigative reports, action alerts, etc., all offered to activists for their campaigns to help animals.

Those things have enabled me to continue doing what Animals Voice does best: present the work that grassroots individuals and corporate organizations are doing to defend animals. The Animals Voice is an independent entity, which means it caters to no one person or one group and it embraces them all.

So I've put together a Picture Gallery which consists of more than 5,000 images I've collected over the years, pictures I believe activists can use in their web sites and brochures, newsletters and mailers, any place a picture is needed to speak more than words. Thanks to your donations, I've been able to take the TIME to create this library of images. In that sense, The Animals Voice is me and, well, you, too, because you've supported my efforts. I hope you're pleased with the outcome.

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Below is just a sampling of some of the categories in the Picture Gallery. Please visit The Animals Voice Picture Gallery for the full effect.

Animals as Food: Cattle Slaughter
The images in the SLAUGHTER category are extremely graphic. Cattle slaughter is a subcategory and contains disturbing images of cattle being shot, hoisted, bled, dismembered, and processed. The main SLAUGHTER category also contains pictures of pig, rabbit, sheep, fowl, dog, cat, and turtle slaughter... MORE >

Animals as Food: Pig Gestation
Female pigs are impregnated and then warehoused in buildings crammed with other pigs. These animals are further confined to stalls no larger than their bodies, preventing them from lying down comfortably or turning around. Pigs used for production are often housed this way for sometimes up to five years... MORE >

Animals as Entertainment: Bullfighting
Though bullfighting has spent decades hiding behind the veil of so-called art and tradition, these pictures tell a much different and very disturbing story. Bulls in these misnamed fights are slowly tormented and stabbed to death and it's the distribution of pictures like these that is causing the end of this so-called sport... MORE >

Animals as Science: Primate Vivisection
Chimpanzees and monkeys are used in laboratory research to test all kinds of products, behavior, and diseases. They are repeatedly shocked, forced to inhale poisons, and infected with deadly viruses, among many other cruel practices. Vivisection, by definition, means to cut up something while it is still alive... MORE >

Wildlife Issues: Predator & Pest Control
Most people think predator and pest control is limited to species such as coyotes, wolves, rats, and mice, but the target list is much more expansive. It includes all kinds of wildlife, such as kangaroos, wild horses, and dolphins. Wherever humans believe other animals compete with them, those animals become 'pests'... MORE >

Animals as Fiber: Fur Farming
Wild animals, such as mink and foxes, are farmed for their pelts; they're housed in small, cramped, foul-smelling cages, and are killed by asphyixiation, strangulation, clubbing, and electrocution. Dogs and cats are also farmed for their skins, as are Persian lambs, lynx, reptiles, etc... MORE >

Companion Animals: Puppy Mills
Our COMPANION ANIMALS category contains images of puppy mills, dog and cat control, animal shelters, euthanasia, etc., but also the pictures of unfathomable cruelty and neglect. The link above goes to PUPPY MILL photos wherein you'll witness the ways dogs are bred to produce puppies for market... MORE >

I am now going to create with video what I've done with pictures.
Here's a sneak peak of what it will contain and look like:

Coming Up: The Animals Voice VIDEO Gallery

Will you help me with a donation (even a small one) so
I can now make significant headway on a Video Gallery?

The Animals Voice is independent of any organization or campaign. Therefore, it has the liberty to bring you all the news, campaigns, action alerts, and other invaluable projects being waged by any and every organization working to defend animals around the world. Consider The Animals Voice your one-stop warehouse for information, networking and activist tools, photography and multimedia, timely news and compelling editorial — and a whole lot more — on behalf of animals and their plight.

Thank you for your support. It means EVERYTHING to me.
-Laura Moretti, Founder, The Animals Voice

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