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Zigomanis draws interest for his vegetarian lifestyle

Mike Zigomanis is one Leaf who could easily step in and do a beer
commercial for Dos Equis.

Those commercials are based on the fantasy of a worldly gentleman
whose exploits in any arena of life make him 'the most interesting man
in the world.'

Zigomanis, in his own world, combines athleticism, musicianship, and a
vegetarian lifestyle, into one interesting package.
But Zigomanis certainly captured interest from a crowd at Toronto
International Film Festival, where he spoke about his decision to
become a vegan four years ago.

'It's kind of been a process over four years now, I had a couple of
surgeries and decided to change my diet,' said Zigomanis after the
Leafs finished off a second day of scrimmages Sunday and prepared for
the opening of their exhibition schedule Monday against Ottawa.
Zigomanis said the switch from a full diet to one where meat and dairy
were eliminated was not as hard as it might sound.

He discovered there was no change in his energy or strength, and in
fact, now considers himself stronger and better overall as a player.

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