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Venus and Serena Williams Going Vegan

Venus Williams recently announced she's made the connection by becoming vegan. Bill Clinton also just gave a speech to players at the PGA Golf about his journey to veganism. This leads us to our amazing event this weekend to which we are opening our hearts to the public and sending an open invitation to anyone who would like to try some scrumptilicious food in a chillaxing environment.

If you're vegan-curious, love meeting kind, friendly people and would like to spend a few hours on a gorgeous little island on the Sunshine Coast, then this one's for you!

This weekend, our crew will be occupying Chambers Island, Maroochydore noon onwards to celebrate kindness to all animals. $10 adults $5 kids with all monies going to animal rights' campaigning. Includes taste testing some gorgeous vegan food and a little goodie treaty bag to take home!

To top it all off we have one of Queensland's leading yoga instructors, Sarah Cutting, from Shine Yoga, holding a sunworshipping flashmob!

RSVP asap to us on 0448 310640 or rock up on the day! Furrbabies most welcome!

For the Animals

Jaylene Musgrave
Vegan Warriors

Venus Williams was diagnosed with Sjogren�s Syndrome, an autoimmune disorder, after experiencing unusual fatigue for years. Sjogren�s currently has no cure, so patients are typically put on regimens to try and manage it. In some cases, the condition can progress to cause kidney disease.

Ms. Williams has also been experiencing joint pain to the point she can�t train or play in tennis tournaments at the level she has in the past. In an attempt to decrease her symptoms, she has decided to try a raw vegan diet, and yoga. At this point, it is believed such a diet could reduce inflammation in the body, for some people. Serena Williams will maintain a vegan diet also, to offer support for her sister.

Physicians Committee for Responsible for Medicine says foods like brown rice, green, yellow, and orange vegetables and cooked or dried fruits almost never contribute to arthritis or other painful health problems. They also say meat, dairy, coffee, nuts, citrus and tomatoes are major triggers for arthritis.

Golf champion Phil Mickelson tried a vegetarian diet for five months due to joint pain from arthritis, and said he learned some things about nutrition he continues to practice, but couldn�t stick with it entirely.

The website for Dr. Andrew Weil has compiled a list of foods consistent with an anti-inflammatory diet, if you want to read more.

Curiously, reports about the Williams sisters going vegan tend to overlook the most important benefit: reducing climate change emissions, because research has shown livestock production generates over fifty percent of human-related climate change gases.

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