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Vegans in Ultra-marathon in Wales

Dear friends,

Two years ago an all-vegan team completed the infamous Welsh15 Peaks challenge, climbing all 15 peaks higher than 3,000 feet, in the same day. The amazing stories and photos are available via . This Saturday, a small team of vegans will be aiming to repeat the challenge – but this time, we’re aiming to run, rather than walk. The 30 miles/48 km and 14,921 feet/4000+ m of ascent we face will either kill us, or allow us to complete what is, as far as we know, this is the world’s first vegan ultra-marathon. Even the weather will be challenging. During the first attempt six weeks ago small streams became impassable torrents during torrential rain, and after battling over one mountain range, the course was closed for safety reasons. This weekend, we’ll try again, and more rain is forecast. It is, after all, a British summer…

But the good news is that we’re fundraising for Sea Shepherd– the fearless guardians of the world’s whales and other threatened marine life. Please consider sparing a thought, and maybe a donation to Sea Shepherd, as we battle over the mountains of Snowdonia, this weekend. You can sponsor us by going to .

For more info about our event, see 

Thank you!

Andrew Knight

Extreme Vegan Sporting Association

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