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No-meat team runs marathon for animal cause

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No-meat team runs marathon for animal cause
When Jennifer Clark went vegetarian, her mother was afraid she would die.

Clark didn't die, or turn into a 98-pound weakling. Instead, she
became so fit that she's running in her third Philadelphia Marathon

Clark, 33, now a vegan, is one of 25 vegans and vegetarians from
Philadelphia and the suburbs running as an unofficial team tomorrow
for the Humane League of Philadelphia. Vegetarians eat no meat. Vegans
eat no animal products at all, including dairy and eggs.

Clark, an engineer who lives in Center City, said she's always been an
animal lover, but in college took a class in which she learned about
"factory farming," the mass production of animals for slaughter that
she said takes place in crowded, inhumane conditions.
Cooney said each team member will use the marathon to raise money from
family and friends to help farm animals.

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