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Vegan Body Builder Robert Cheeke

The athlete lectured about the keys to well-balanced vegan and vegetarian diets Wednesday
Contrary to stereotypes, not everyone who is a vegetarian or a vegan is small and scrawny; a plant-based diet is sufficient for creating a strong, muscular body.

Proof of this lies with bodybuilder and vegan Robert Cheeke, who gave a speech at the University on Wednesday night.

As a part of his 2007 "Take Action and Make It Happen" tour, the blond-haired muscle man spoke to an audience of about 20 people in Deady Hall about how people can be vegetarian or vegan and still be athletic and build muscle.

"We can thrive and not just get by," Cheeke said. "The goal should be to feel well and be well. This diet allows you to feel well and also be compassionate for the environment."

A competitive bodybuilder for more than six years now, Cheeke defies the stereotype of what a vegan is supposed to look like.
"I think 99 percent of people don't have passion for something," Cheeke said. "That's fine, but having a passion for something makes life so much better and eventually it comes down to the application of that passion."

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