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Another Champion Vegan Athlete

Carl Lewis is a vegan and is one of the best known athletes in the world. His Olympic gold medals and numerous track and field accomplishments are legendary.

Dave Scott is a vegan and he still holds the record for winning five Ironman Trathlon races in which competitors must swim 2.3 miles, bike 110 miles,  then finish by running a 26.2 mile marathon race.

Pam Boteler is a raw food vegan.

This week, Pam competed in the 2009 National Canoe and Kayak championships at Lake Lanier, Georgia. Earlier this year Notmilk congratulated Pam on her dedication to her sport and work ethic as she celebrated her 41st birthday although you wouldn't know it to see  her photos. See Pam:

http://www.justcano pamboteler. asp

On Thursday (August 20, 2009) Boteler competed in the grueling 1000 meter C-I (one person) sprint canoe  race. She finished first in the time of 5:30.94. The  second place finisher (18-year-old Anna Crawford) was over 17 seconds behind at 5:48.002.

Pam has won another gold medal!!!

With Pam's time, she would have finished eighth in the men's 1000 meter race. The seventh place men's finisher's time was 5:23, while eighth and ninth place competitors  were each timed in 5:42.

Congratulations Pam!

Should you wish to send your congrats to Pam:

PamCanoe@Hotmail. com

Pam's website:


Pam receives another 15 minutes of fame as she  is featured in the current issue of Veg News magazine.

Robert Cohen
http://www.notmilk. com

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