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Mac Danzig - Ultimate Fighter


Defining Mac Danzig

By Debbie Lee

First things first: Mac Danzig is not a grump.

Okay, so maybe he is, at least some of the time. He's also a vegan, a nature photographer, and ? cringe ? a former reality TV star. As far as the 28-year-old is concerned, any one of those labels is fine, just as long as one always takes precedence: a solid fighter.

More info:

Ultimate Fighting champion Mac Danzig has become a spokesman for peta2, which describes itself as the world's largest youth animal rights organization.

"I don't eat animals because I don't want to contribute to their suffering -- it's that simple," Danzig says in ad for the junior PETA group. "Do yourself a favor, do the planet a favor, and help end animal abuse. Go veg."

The ad, which is available in both print and video versions, can be viewed at or by clicking here.

"Animals on factory farms and in slaughterhouses don't have a fighting chance," says Danzig, 27, who became the welterweight Ultimate Fighting champion after pounding and choking his opponent into submission earlier this year.


full story: mutts/blog/2008/01/post_48.html

"The Ultimate Fighter" Finale -- featuring vegan Mac Danzig competing for 1st place

Saturday, December 8 at 9:00 PM ET on Spike TV live

About Danzig:

"Of no relation to the famous lead singer of The Misfits, this Danzig is by far the most experienced combatant on The Ultimate Fighter, with over twenty professional matches under his belt. A strict vegetarian and nature lover, Danzig's first love was skateboarding, and he was a sponsored amateur during his teenage years. In 2000, Danzig traded in his skateboard for the mats of Casey Leonard's gym in Pittsburgh, learning a great deal about BJJ under his tutelage. A year later, he left the Steel City behind to fight on the amateur circuit in Iowa before moving to California in 2002. He recently joined the Legends Gym in Los Angeles, home to fellow welterweight contender Karo Parisyan, as well as The Ultimate Fighter 5 finalist Manny Gamburyan, and hopes that living and breathing MMA while in the house for six weeks with no distractions will reinvigorate his training ethic and intensity, something that Danzig will admit has been difficult to maintain in recent years."

Away from the Octagon, Danzig lives with his girlfriend of four years who is a massage therapist in a chiropractic clinic. He is an avid photographer."

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