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Hottest Woman in NASCAR is a Vegetarian

Hottest Woman in NASCAR is a Vegetarian

by Slashfood Editor, Sep 9th 2010

Leilani Munter NASCAR driver
Photo: Jason Merritt / Getty Images for Global Green

Tofurky has gotten racy.

"The blare of revving engines, the squeal of tires leaving pit row, it's not an atmosphere where you'd expect someone to be touting the benefits of vegetables, recycling, composting and canvas bags. And that's exactly what makes rising star race car driver Leilani Munter so interesting," says HuffPo writer (and program director of Meatless Mondays) Chris Elam.

A biology graduate turned race car driver, Munter began racing stock cars 10 years ago, and now competes in both NASCAR and IndyCar. She's been voted "the hottest woman in NASCAR," and is only the fourth woman in history to compete in the Indy Pro Series.

Read Elam's full interview with Munter, and hear how she manages her ironic dual identity of race car driver and environmentalist.

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