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Jerry Stackhouse

One thing's for sure. Jerry Stackhouse didn't eat too much turkey at the team's Thanksgiving feast in Houston.

He didn't eat any. Meat is off his menu.

"I told [coach] Avery [Johnson]," Stackhouse said, "you need to prepare something for a vegetarian."


Stackhouse, who turned 33 on Nov. 5, said his diet decision is two-fold. He's always maintained a healthy diet because diabetes has played a sad role in his family. Two sisters died from the condition, and he's adamant that eating right is critical to his well-being.

But this near-vegan twist was really inspired by a book he stumbled upon. The title initially attracted Stackhouse's attention, and then its content struck a gastrointestinal nerve. The New York Times bestseller titled -- ahem -- Skinny Bitch provides, to put it mildly, an unsavory description of meat and poultry processing.

"This book details a lot of things, just eye-opening things," Stackhouse said. "If most people would read it, they would change their opinions about a lot of things that they eat."


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