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Hockey tough guy-turned-politician named federal Green party deputy leader

MONTREAL - The federal Greens are hoping a former NHL tough guy will
boost the party's profile and help it to score big in the next

Party leader Elizabeth May named Georges Laraque as a deputy leader of
the party on Saturday.
With his massive frame and wide smile, the 33-year-old has become an
eye-catching proponent for animal rights in Quebec.

His interest in the cause was sparked when he was asked to be the
French voice for a documentary exposing the inhumane treatment of
animals in various industries.

The muscle-bound athlete soon announced he would become a vegan,
meaning he doesn't eat meat and animal-derived products like milk and

Montreal-born Laraque later helped launch two raw vegan restaurants in
the city. Photos on the establishments' website show a grinning
Laraque with his arm around Pamela Anderson, another prominent
Canadian animal rights advocate.

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