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Hockey Player Offers $100K to Move Elephant to a Sanctuary

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From Change
By Annie Hartnett

Everyone knows that no one fights harder than a hockey player. So I cheered when I learned that former NHL player Georges Laraque is fighting for the freedom of Lucy, the solitary elephant kept in Edmonton’s Valley Zoo. Laraque has offered the city of Edmonton $100,000 if Lucy is released to a sanctuary in a warmer climate.

It’s 1°F in Edmonton right now, where Georges Laraque and Lucy the elephant both live. Hockey players might not mind the cold, but Asian elephants certainly do. Lucy doesn’t have a climate controlled habitat at the Valley Zoo, and the poor pachyderm has been forced to live in a completely unsuitable environment. She’s also housed by her lonesome, even though elephants are highly sociable creatures.

Given her living conditions, it’s not surprising that Lucy is in poor health. The 35-year-old elephant suffers from upper respiratory issues, arthritis, and a chronic foot ailment.

Laraque writes in a public letter to the mayor of Edmonton:

“Lucy’s serious health problems and the signs of mental distress that she has long exhibited are reason enough to send her to a sanctuary in a warmer climate, but I hope that my proposal creates even more incentive.”

But the Valley Zoo has cited Lucy’s health problems as a reason not to move her, claiming that transporting the elephant would only exacerbate her respiratory issues.

Lucy’s situation has been an ongoing controversy, with animal rights activists lobbying for years to remove the ailing elephant from the zoo. Earlier this year, PETA and Canadian animal rights group Zoocheck filed a court case on behalf of Lucy, but the lawsuit was struck down.

Other celebrities, such as Bob Barker and William Shatner, have spoken out in the past on behalf of Lucy. But Georges Laraque’s proposal might hold more weight, as he is a resident of Edmonton and he played for the Oilers, the city’s hockey team, for years.

Hopefully Edmonton will pay attention to their hockey hometown hero and do what is best for Lucy.

Sign the petition (and the one HERE as well) to demand that Lucy be sent to an elephant sanctuary in a warmer climate.

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