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Extreme Vegans Wanted!

Vegans don't eat, wear or use animal products, or products tested on animals. Sure, it helps the animals and the environment, and enables more efficient use of global food and water resources, thereby saving human lives too.

But no meat pies, no leather jackets, and no animal-tested lipstick?!? Surely vegans must endure grim and joyless lives of self-denial? Doubtless we dream of little more than our own untimely deaths, as we feebly stagger through our days, made pale and weak by lack of essential animal proteins...? What kind of folk would subject themselves to such extremes???

Actually, growing numbers of athletes, as well as otherwise normal folk, who have discovered some very important truths: by exercising basic consideration for the lives of those they would otherwise eat, and the people and animals who share our environment, vegans almost always become healthier and fitter! Karma, perhaps? Whatever the reason, being vegan can be seriously good fun!

The Extreme Vegan Sporting Association exists to demonstrate just how much fun (and fit!) the vegan lifestyle can be. Check out our amazing adventures at ,and feel free to send in your own!

Extreme Vegan Sporting Association

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