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New Plants-Only-Eating For Sports Website

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September 2008

New Plants-Only-Eating Website

By David Cantor

Because the meat industry continues to far outpace plants-only eating and most people know even less than two decades ago about animal rights, Responsible Policies for Animals (RPA) has launched  in time for the new school year.

The site highlights two authors who transcend the industry-government-media complex's support of standard wrong thinking about food and share their hard-gained knowledge and experience with the public.

Designed initially to provide plain talk for people who see RPA's ad for the site on Jenkintown (Pennsylvania) High School's 2008-2009 athletic schedule -- sponsored by RPA's kind & generous members --  is available to all, thanks to the Internet.

What is best for athletes is best for most other people, and many would rather consider what they wish to accomplish than what diseases loom due to inhumane food choices. In that and other ways,  comports with up-to-date research into how the human mind and brain work and how people choose what they eat.

RPA invites all who are concerned for nonhuman animals and people suffering from today's inhumane food system to refer friends & family to, promote it in their communities, tell RPA about promotional opportunities in their communities, and send RPA more information and athlete profiles for the site.

David Cantor is executive director of Responsible Policies for Animals, headquartered in Glenside, Pennsylvania.

I hope's well-researched, up-to-date information and personal testimonials will improve our athletes' wellbeing - and same for the rest of us whose health & fitness mean so much in our daily lives!

Dr. Barbara Ann Ellicott writes,

You might feel extremely skeptical, as I once had been, as to whether a change in diet, exercise and spirituality could actually improve your health. After all, we continuously hear conflicting contradictory reports as to what is or isn't good for us. And we often think that we are doomed by genetics. ...

Wait'll you see how Barb has benefited - as an athlete and more - from the kind of information provided here at!

Rex Bowlby's father died when Rex was eight - of heart disease. The day of his first child's birth in 1989, determined to see his children grow up and having learned a lot about food & health on his own, Rex began eating as recommended here at

Seeing a wide gulf between the truth and what most people think about food, a few years back Rex, who holds a master's degree in management, took two years off from his job and created an amazing plain-talk 516-page volume to share his knowledge and experience in the hope that millions of others will benefit.

What a public service Rex provides! And with 1,001 published sources, a large number of them peer-reviewed scientific biomedical and nutrition journal articles!

Wait'll you see Rex's section on eating for sports! - reprinted here at with Rex's permission.

With the food industry serving up heaping portions of its own self-interest, not athletes' or anyone else's best interests, we're on our own to find our optimal food choices. That means separating common wisdom from emerging research-based knowledge.

I don't claim to be an athlete at 53, though I exercise plenty and fondly remember my days as a little-league all-star, playing league softball in my 20s, and coaching some great kids in soccer and baseball. Athletes need particularly strong bones & muscles and high stamina & endurance. If you're like me, you probably prefer to have them, too! I hope you'll join Barb, Rex, me, and the millions of other people who for years have been on the road to better health & wellbeing through mindful food choices!

After you read, feel welcome to let me know whether you find it helpful. If our friends and neighbors benefit, maybe we'll tell a wider audience about it! Thank you for visiting, and here's to your good health!

David Cantor
Executive Director
Responsible Policies for Animals, Inc.
320 Keswick Avenue
Glenside, PA 19038, USA
[email protected]

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