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China: This vegetarian kid is kungfu fighting

China: This kid is kungfu fighting

One of the most popular attractions in Henan province is the Shaolin Temple, a Buddhist temple famous for kungfu fighting monks. Now, visitors can catch a glimpse of the martial arts practitioners the temple is renowned for at the Expo 2010 Shanghai.

The Henan Pavilion promotes its culture to the world by bringing kungfu masters to perform in the Expo Garden. The Shaolin Temple kungfu show will continue until the end of the Expo.

Twelve-year-old Zheng Haohao, or Shi Yanhao, the name he goes by at the Shaolin Temple, is one of those performers. The young boy is a specialist in kungfu and enjoys sharing his talent with audiences all over the world(...)

Food at the Shaolin Temple is basic. Monks are served vegetarian dishes. Haohao is okay with a life without meat and, in fact, says he loves the food in the temple, especially the eggplant...

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