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All Vegan Extreme Team Scales Wales

Into the chilly pre-dawn mountain air of Snowdonia, Wales, at the horrifyingly early time of 04:15 AM on Saturday the 5th of June, an all-vegan team of two girls and six guys from the Extreme Vegan Sporting Association departed towards a precipitous vertical ridge. After scaling Crib Goch's infamous knife-edged pinnacles, they continued on towards the summit of Mt Snowdon ­ Wales'; highest peak, at 3,560 feet. From there they proceeded to climb all of Wales' fifteen 3,000 foot peaks ­ in the same day!

They finished at the far end of Snowdonia, close to midnight.

The official 15 peaks route covers 21.5 miles (35 km) and requires 9,800 feet (3,000 m) of ascent, and was completed in 17 hrs 30 mins. Yet not even this was enough punishment for Team Vegan, so they also ascended Crib Goch and Mt Snowdon (most teams start there) and ascended an additional summit twice (interpretation: they can't navigate). In total they covered around 27 miles (43 km), and ascended around 4,000 m, in 20 hrs 15 mins. For both their training and challenge they relied solely on vegan boots and gear, and were fueled entirely by vegan food, some of which was supplied by their kindly vegan sponsors.

Check out the photos and story from this epic vegan challenge at , and stay tuned for future vegan adventures, at !

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