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When pigs fly (support kevin and tyler)

When pigs fly (support kevin and tyler)
by fringeowl

Galaxybeats on the production


when pigs fly, whistle blowers get charged
its a sick world with these hicks in charge
ya’ll think its funny
i think its wrong
saw it in the kingdom
so i put it in a song
sobbing while you yawn
kill me like a fawn
i can play the villain
believe arson is the bomb
pass me a baton
bring it to your lawn
bunny alliance
we be doing it for all
scuba dive with sharks
with no gear to protect us
heads up
next farm, leaving more than bread crumbs
red rum? no thanks ….straight edge, no guns
hold up, go dumb
hit you with a fulcrum
center of attention
headed towards your furnace
kevin and tyler
release them or begin to fear this
claiming that you nice
you did them a disservice
lurking in the shadows of the worthless
the verdict , is in

released March 22, 2016
Galaxybeats on the production

sin x 3 cover art

When pigs fly (support kevin and tyler) cover art

picture courtesy of Will Potter of

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