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Vegan Rapper Celebrates Website Launch, Successful Debut Album Release Party!

August 28, 2013 – LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Vegan rapper and animal rights evangelist VEGAN BOSS announces the launch of, Fans and fellow compassionates can stay up to date with the rapper's work, appearances, and recordings, as well as purchase his debut album, Compassion Is the Fashion.

VEGAN BOSS also celebrates his collaboration with animal rights non-profit Expand Animal Rights Now (EARN), with which he celebrated his debut album release with a party at famed Sunset Strip theater The Roxy on August 13.

Hip-hop mogul and visionary Russell Simmons was on hand to introduce the young vegan evangelist to the packed house. Fans were part of a groundbreaking event of music, compassion, and activism. "It's rare you witness lyrics move an audience as much as VEGAN BOSS' words did to the crowd at The Roxy. Each person at the show was deeply connected through the music and their beliefs, making for an electrifying concert," said attendee Christopher Ruth.

Others who attended the event agreed. Skye Kelly said, "It riled me up, at the same time calmed me down, just because it was being spoken and heard…Speaking truth with talent…Good to know artists [who] have strong moral positions along with artistic talent. It was a great show." Erika Ikeler added, "[VEGAN BOSS'] message is so important to extend out to society. Much love! Great show! Awesome crowd."

"The release party was filled with so many emotions. Not only was it my first ever release party – I was headlining at the legendary Roxy Theater. But the cherry on top was having Russell Simmons take the stage to officially introduce me to the world! So many beautiful people came out to support a greater cause. Lakin put on an amazing performance to get the crowd primed up and ready to go! It was an amazing evening that I'll never forget." A video of Simmons' introduction and the start of VEGAN BOSS' performance at The Roxy event can be seen here.

"The kick off event to our partnership was a huge success," says EARN Founder and President Jill Ryther, Esq. "EARN was honored and proud to have taken the stage with such an incredible, compassionate, and talented soul. I have no doubt this partnership we have formed will go down in history as one of the most memorable and influential partnerships to ever hit our movement."

All proceeds from the album release party were donated to EARN. In addition, 50% of all sales of the vegan rapper's debut album, aptly named Compassion Is the Fashion, will be given to the non-profit organization. VEGAN BOSS' debut album can be purchased at iTunes here. The album may also be purchased directly from VEGAN BOSS' website, at; those who add their address to the purchase order through the VEGAN BOSS website will receive a Limited Edition Lyric Book as a free gift with purchase.

VEGAN BOSS' debut album launch comes on the heels of the rapper's highly successful performances at the Fourth Annual Los Angeles Vegan Beer & Food Festival, held on the famed Sunset Strip, and at the Animal Advocacy Museum in Pasadena. The animal rights evangelist also recently performed at the Third Annual National Animal Rights Day, held on the beaches of Santa Monica.

VEGAN BOSS adds, "It's a very important goal for me to get my message heard and to support like-minded organizations; if we all work together, we all win." VEGAN BOSS' list of songs include "Animal," "Dreams," "I Love That," "Everything is Vegan," "F*ck Fur," "Changed," "E.A.R.N.," and "Prison Sh*t."

VEGAN BOSS leads a cruelty-free life and spends a significant amount of his free time, in the trenches, fighting for animal rights and trying to raise awareness about the atrocities inflicted upon these animals on a daily basis. In addition to raising awareness about animal cruelty, he also helps people adopt a healthier way of living, erase the stereotype all vegans are hippies, and bring love back into the hearts of mankind. His music and past performances can be seen here; fans can follow his work and mission here.

For those seeking single tracks from VEGAN BOSS' album, "I Love That" can be purchased at iTunes here; "Changed" is available here.

About VEGAN BOSS: This journey of compassion started back in 2009, when VEGAN BOSS (formerly known as J FIELDS) was helping a friend prepare for a demo against vivisection at UCLA. He was infected with knowledge that he just couldn't ignore - but it wasn't until the day of the protest that VEGAN BOSS felt the energy of the movement. Every since that day, VEGAN BOSS has been leading a cruelty-free life and spending a significant amount of his free time, in the trenches, fighting for animal rights and trying to raise awareness about the atrocities inflicted upon these animals on a daily basis. It was due to this lifestyle change that VEGAN BOSS decided to change the direction of his music. "You see, when we're out here protesting, only people walking or driving by the protested area become aware. Music has the ability to reach millions, even billions, of people in an instant," says VEGAN BOSS on his method of protest. He not only raises awareness about animal cruelty, but also helps people adopt a healthier way of living, erase the stereotype that all vegans are hippies, and bring LOVE back into the hearts of mankind. VEGAN BOSS is more than just a rapper – he is a visionary. For more information, visit and

About Expand Animal Rights Now (EARN): Expand Animal Rights Now's (EARN) primary objective is to use the legal system, education and outreach to end the exploitation of all animals. To further that goal, EARN's attorneys act as pro-bono or contingency based legal counsel representing individuals who wish to file lawsuits that will protect or expand the rights of animals.

EARN is specifically interested in cases that have a systematic influence.

While we recognize that every animal is equally important, EARN focuses on cases with the potential to expand animal rights across the board. EARN's primary goal is to put an end to the property status of animals. Existing laws mistakenly treat animals as if they are inanimate objects, no different than furniture or appliances.

Because animals are treated as property, they are denied some of their most fundamental rights. Animals are valuable, intelligent beings capable of compassion, altruism, and heroism, and they deserve to have their lives and interests protected. EARN also educates members of the community about current animal protection laws while working to strengthen or improve those laws. In addition, EARN serves as a rescue organization for animals that have been mistreated, abused, neglected, or abandoned. EARN is a voice for animals who cannot speak for themselves. For more information, visit Download EARN's logo here.

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