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"Toro de la Vega" Tournament (Cruel tradition in Spain)

I send you the link to a new song that I've composed. It's protesting the speared bull "Toro de la Vega". A celebration that is celebrated in the village of Tordesillas (Valladolid ) in Spain every year in September. The tournament consists of the chase , hunt and cruel killing of a bull by dozens of lancers and horsemen, in which they lancer the bull to death after he has been released by the town's streets and driven by racers to open field. The bull is cruelly sacrificed in front of the crowd. It is a despicable and cruel tradition that brings us back to medieval times and takes us away from civilized society.

Here's the video of the song:

Here's the video of the despicable celebration

Following are the translated lyrics.

Fear, I only see fear and a blind and insane mob,
Walking behind your sorrowful and hurted steps,
Scared and distressed, wondering without way,
The Virgin of the Peña, the path of,

Shame, I only feel sorrow, your moan and suffering,
Break my intellect in dreams, their spears into your body,
Their ignorance is your martyrdom, myths are their flag
The law is their free rein to perpetrate your,

Death, I just see death, a tournament without beauty,
Lacking of elegance, celebration of lies,
Who are they thinking to fool declaring the beauty,
To this clumsy paranoia disguised in culture?,

All this madness, horsemen and spearmen, obsessed in heritages,
Brave men? They are cowards, your innocence, your purity,
steals their honesty, abduct their argument,
And darken it..

How many bulls speared? How many spears will be broken?
How many sons of injustice will death under your evil?
How many bulls speared? How many spears will be broken?
So much crime in your meadows, how much blood must be spilled?

Hundreds thousands, we walk against your damage,
Raising the flag in the respect for life,
Drawing integrity, shutting hypocrisy,
Showing to a new world what's goin' on in,

Tordesillas, your valleys are beautiful, your celebrations are sad,
That bull in the Vega oozing a worn out smell,
Enough! That's enough!, outdated celebrations,
Of brutal aggressions against whom has done nothing to you,

Nothing to you, the murdered are too many,
Each all of them will always be remembered,
Elegido, Jaquerito, Moscatel, Valentón,*
And those who are not named and live inside my heart.

All of them are poetry, inspiration for warriors,
we don't want your torture, horsemen and sparemen,
Long live the bull, alive without violence,
Long live Tordesillas without the "Toro de la Vega."