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The Roots of Evil


There are few bands with a common purpose beyond that of the music they create, who ardently stick to that purpose, thus transcending the vagaries of the often soulless music industry and becoming a genuine force for change. Animal Liberation Front supporters THE WAY OF PURITY are one such band though and with the release of their third album 'The Majesty Of Your Becoming', via the new record label Epictronic, they will take one more small step for man and one more giant leap for animal-kind. "Always walk on the path of integrity and never act like a normal band, that has always been our promise to ourselves" The Way Of Purity affirms.


The Way Of Purity doesn't show off with smart or cool band members. No names, no fancy photos, no effigy, no trendy musical influences and no nationality. No compromise, no way to talk or get to know us - we are NOTHING. We are a very real and solid message.

Most militant bands in the past have reached a superior level of strength through their message and faith. The Way Of Purity is different. ...The message about God intended as nature (animals and the perfection of their creation) is our faith, but the power for The Way Of Purity is a high level of inspiration, self control, and correction of human errors through the inspiration of the animal perfection.

We are the hand of God, we're here to bring the animals message to the wrong doers in humanity. The voices we hear asked us to change things, giving us the chance of salvation by becoming the hand of God and finding the real way of purity.

Concept for the new record: "The Majesty Of Your Becoming"

2015 is the year of change for TWOP. A new sound took form during the songwriting of the new album. After 2 metal records, released worldwide, the team started to work on electronic rock oriented songs trying to develop new emotions and reach new goals with the aim of expanding the message to a wider audience.

Bass player Without Name stated : "We are not like all other bands that invest their money and time to show their faces in the media trying to achieve personal goals that we consider absolutely representative of human stupidity. When we started TWOP we mainly wanted to be an activist cell to show humanity itself how miserable people are. For this reason we have nothing to lose but our creeds which cannot be erased or changed. The music genre is just something we don't care about, like we do with everything which is not helping our war to save the innocent lives that worth of. Creating more mass market oriented songs will give us the chance to reach more people and save more animals ... simple as that. Everyone that will not agree with us can go to hell, we didn't care since the beginning."

Furthermore TWOP's message reached a new stage. If the music turned to be more attractive the message has taken a more extreme direction with the development a new concept which encourages humanity to follow the right path and protect animals with proper and effective laws , equal to human laws, requesting authorities to introduce legal rights for animals which have to be equal as the human rights in every aspect (including murder).

Singer Kirayel stated: " The illegitimate consumption of animal meat made us think of it. we really can't understand how this all can be considered legal by the laws and by the global morals. Let me explain: when a human being is killed, tortured or hurt by another human being, authorities will take measures against the ones responsible for these actions. We really do not understand why this shouldn't be the same with animals. Obviously animals cannot press charges by their own, that's why we are asking authorities to create laws which will be executed by human beings in charge of protecting animals like they do with their own kind. It is not a matter of "IF IT WILL HAPPEN" it's much more a matter of "WHEN IT WILL HAPPEN". When we started this "war" most of the people were like skeptical and against us, nowadays we are able to see pieces explaining about animal even on mainstream TV programs and such, this is a big victory but we are way to far from the world that we want to see. Things will change and we have to work hard to reach our goal. Animals = Humans and finally we will end speciesism.

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