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Shadows Fall -- Vocalist Brian Fair

[Metal Underground]

Unmistakable with his trademark knee-length dreadlocks, SHADOWS FALL lead vocalist Brian Fair appears in a brand-new pro-vegetarian ad for peta2 -- the world's largest youth animal rights organization. The tagline -- a personal testimonial by Fair -- reads, "I became a vegetarian many years ago after listening to THE SMITHS' 'Meat Is Murder'. It opened my eyes to the painful lives of animals raised for food, and I knew I wanted no part of that. I am Brian Fair, and I am a


The ad debuted in the December 2007 issue of Decibel magazine.

Fair kicked the meat habit when he was in eighth grade, and he credits his vegetarian uncle for teaching him about the health benefits of a vegetarian diet. He is often asked by fans why he stopped eating meat, and he explains to them that a commitment to positive social change is perfectly consistent with heavy metal. "It's such a myth that you would have to kill in order to live," says Fair. He wishes that more people would watch peta2's videos about factory farming and slaughter and make their own decisions. "If you aren't horrified, then you're a cold, lifeless human," he says.


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