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Save Us from the Cull (Badger Song)

Published on Mar 9, 2013

A song protesting against the horrible and useless proposed badger cull in the UK. The referenced information for this song was sourced via  . You can listen continuously by downloading the song from iTUNES!

Song commissioned by Farplace Animal Rescue . Follow me on Facebook at  or join my mailing list via  .

Many thanks to Graham Lee, Debbie Dias and Gillian Mew for permission to use their badger photos and footage. Badger artwork by Nikki Morris. Stock Royalty Free photo from

I'm a badger from England
That's black and white
I sleep in the daytime
And scurry 'round at night
I dwell in a tunnel
Deep underground
And the government is plotting
To shoot us all down

Save Us From the Cull
It won't solve your problems
Get it through your thick skull
Save Us From the Cull

They say if they kill us
Cows won't get TB
But the Independent Scientific
Group disagree
The farmers demand
Something has to be done ....
Vaccines are not licenced
But they'll licence a gun

Of every ten badgers,
and that includes me
The government is scheming
To kill all but three ....
We'll bleed in our burrows
We'll scream and we'll run ....
While the effect on the scourge
Of bovine tuberculosis
According to research ... ...
Will most likely


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