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Rich Russom

Good Morning!

Welcome to BlueStar!

Three New Songs have been uploaded & Joe & I sincerely hope you enjoy them. We also want to thank everyone out there who supports our music:)

'His Return' ~ A Collaborative Instrumental Celebrating Faith & Spirituality! Many Have Contributed, Including: Joe Aloisa, The Fiddle Man & Friends ! Copyright 2015 RAM Publishing - A Long time ago, my friend, Joe Aloisa, along with some other Northern California musicians, created & recorded 'His Return'! I was able to salvage this wonderful track & add some keyboards to it.

Joe & I hope you like it, and the picture we chose reflects the spiritual beliefs of our Native Americans, and how everything is Sacred & Connected on This Planet! Also, just uploaded 'Reality [I Don't Want To See] several days ago, This song was originally written to bring attention to Dog Fighting. However, NOW, this new version is to bring awareness to & to STOP ALL BLOOD SPORTS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD !!!

On A Personal Note: I Don't Want To See Reality, But In Order To Do Good...WE MUST Recognize Evil! DOWN WITH ALL BLOOD SPORTS....SO DO SOMETHING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR OUR WORLD & IT'S CREATURES!!!! Just Uploaded 'Blue Soul' ~ A Very Spiritual & Blue Instrumental ~ A Righteous Man Has Regard For The LIFE of His Animal ~ Proverbs 12:10 ~ This Song Is Dedicated To A Very Special Friend, The Title 'Blue Soul' Means That We Must Continue To Fight For LIVES!
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All Songs Copyright 2015 RAM Publishing

We really appreciate your support! Mary Alice Pollard - @cornwallsvoice - @MariaDaines
peace & God Bless,
rich & joe

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