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Pop punk PINK is urging British monarch QUEEN ELIZABETH II to withdraw fur busby hats from the uniform of her royal guards.

The STUPID GIRLS singer, 26, has been an avid supporter of animal rights for several years and recently joined People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' (PETA) anti-KFC campaign.

During her current visit to Britain, Pink has written to the Queen, asking her to remove the furry helmets from her Buckingham Palace guards.

Pink says, "I have written to the Queen and told her that I want to her to stop the use of real fur on the hats worn by the Brigade of Guards at the Palace.

"One or two Canadian bears are killed for each hat and that's totally unnecessary when they could be wearing faux instead.

"I think the Queen will listen to me because there is no reason for the guards to continue to wear these when animals are being killed just so they look good. It's a work in progress." In response, a spokesman for the Brigade of Guards says, "We have heard from PETA on this issue and would be willing to wear a fake fur if a suitable alternative to the real thing could be found.

"But PETA have been unable to supply anything that stands up to the wear, durability and practicality of real fur."

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