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Hello Good people,

Back in April after I'd uploaded My Boots Aint Made of Leather to YouTube, I received an email (I think by mistake) which had been sent to all of you by Lois from ARA-UNY. It was, to say the least, touching and very flattering. I did reply at the time but I'm not sure Lois got the message.

So, firstly, I'd like to say to Lois: Thank you for your wonderful comments. Sometimes I feel like a lonely voice in the wilderness calling out, wondering if anyone can hear me. Then I hear from someone like you and realise my work is not only being heard but greatly appreciated. Could you write to me just to say hi?

BTW I'd LOVE to perform in NY if it were possible.

Now, to all of you amazing people who work on behalf of animals: I'm so grateful that there are people like you out there. When I first started doing animal activist work in Australia, back in the early nineties, our tiny band of 'pirates' felt so alone on a sea of complacency. However, we achieved a lot during those years.

Now I live in New Zealand and even though there's a strong AR group here called SAFE , I still struggle sometimes to keep going because meat and dairy are big in this nation and people are steeped in tradition. My music is my best way for me to do something positive for our furred and feathered brethren. The reaction to the songs has shown me that.

But not enough people are getting to hear the songs:

'Boots has only had 400 odd hits in four months. Don't Eat Like a Barbarian the same. Maybe J.C (was a vegetarian) has, admittedly, had over 4 thousand hits in a year but it's not exactly viral is it?

Videos that go viral are usually of universal appeal rather than message songs but I still believe a good song like 'Boots would appeal to a wide audience if it could get heard (and seen) and then millions would get the message.
It just takes a lot of networking.

Can you all help somehow? It's not like I get paid for YouTube hits but the more often people hear messages of kindness the more it'll rub off. Most of my songs are on iTunes so, with any luck I'll make a few bucks to fund more recordings and perhaps come to America to play for you. I just need everyone who believes in my music to spread the word.

The guys at Meat Free (podcast in DC and NY) have been really supportive. They even use the 'Barbarian song as their theme tune. Author Judy Carmen uses my 'J.C. clip in her seminar tours around the U.S. and apparently I have a fan club over in L.A. at Supreme Master TV who aired my clips.

Anyway, I know you're busy saving animals but I'm stuck down here in this small city in a little country, while you guys are up there in the big cities with the big networks' I'm envious.

Love, Paul

From Paul Seymour

'My Boots Aint Made of Leather' 

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