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Paul Seymour's Vege Tutorial on YouTube

Hello to all my Vege/Animal Rights Comrades,

It's been ten months since I sent you the link for my song 'Maybe J.C. (was a vegetarian)'.

I'm delighted to say that many of you have posted the song on your websites and others are using the video for seminars and vegetarian expos etc. Thanks again for your support.

The song has had radio airplay in the U.S., Britain, Australia, New Zealand and has been warmly appreciated everywhere. Christians and atheists, alike, have loved it. 'Maybe J.C.' and the rest of the album are also now available through iTunes:

I have a new (non-music) video which you will love! A kick-ass vege message!

Go to my YouTube channel  and watch:
'Creation vs Evolution' Part 2  (No need to watch Part 1 unless you're curious. Part 2 is the vegetarian/animal rights tutorial) Or (if you haven't got 10 minutes to spare) watch the excerpt: 'Most Important Thing You'll Ever Do' (the featured video)

If you like it please post it and forward the link to others. Also, I'd like to mention that profits from music sales through my iTunes account are used to promote the Vegetarian Ethic. Please encourage your patrons to buy my songs. (Just go to  and 'search' Paul Seymour)


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