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Paul Seymour - Everyday People

Hi Everyone,

To all my fellow Christchurch residents: I hope your lives get back to normal soon. You have my sympathy and love. To all my other ex-students, friends, music fans and AR warriors, please spare a thought for all the good people (and animals) here who are suffering in this time of crisis. As well as the tragedy and fear, our streets, our homes and our lives have been buckled and bent. And then there's the loss of work. For me, the three great gigs I had booked for Feb/March got canned because the venues were destroyed!! Plus many of my students can't come back. But this isn't a 'poor me'. I count my blessings. A lot of people are much worse off.

I hope you all enjoy the attached song. The following promo email was supposed to go out the week the earthquake hit. Please click the links and check out my other songs and if you're in a position to buy a couple on-line, it would sure help my situation. And please forward this on to everyone you know.

Thanks guys, Paul

Please accept the attached song as a gift from me (If you're worried about opening the mp3 attachment, simply save the file to a separate drive before opening) Everyday_People('98).mp3

Hi, I'm Paul Seymour (if you don't already know me)

The attached song 'Everyday People' was recorded by me and produced in '98, by Micky Power and Gary Pickford, who worked with David Bowie. It's not the same version that's on 'To Be Announced' and it's not yet for sale at iTunes with the rest of my material, so I'm giving it to you and hoping you will want to hear more

..and if you're not interested in this, please forward the email to others who might be.

Many of my songs are being played on radio stations in N.Z. and the U.S.
But without record company backing it's hard to get known.
So I'm employing what Edison called "shameless self-promotion"
Please forward this email and song to all your friends
It's not spam, it's a gift!

If you go to my iTunes Page, you can hear short samples of other songs and if you like them, you can buy them right there.

Aw, heck, why not buy a whole album?

There is some weird and wonderful variety and it's definitely music for grown-ups, although kids love it too.

'To Be Announced' has 15 original songs spanning over 25 years, but with modern production, from gentle ballads to raunchy rock. My life, loves and beliefs are encapsulated in those tracks. You can also get the 24 page booklet that comes with it which has great artwork and a funny story If you'd prefer the CD, send me an email (  )

'New Songs' is a four song EP featuring the rollicking country-flavoured 'My Boots Aint Made of Leather' (video also on YouTube)
And a Sci-Fi, post-apocalyptic love song: 'If I Were with You'

This EP is also available on Amazon
New music will be added to my iTunes and Amazon collections soon.

You can also visit my website (for photos, stories, philosophy, art, etc) and my YouTube channel (for all my music videos and commentaries).
Best wishes to you and yours, Paul

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