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Having a cigarette, manufacturers no regret
Puffing all day, were their lives meant to be this way
No green fields for them, just a foggy room instead
No country smells, just nicotene stained shells

A pain in my eye means none in yours
A rash on my skin ensures safety for you
Enslaved in this painful world, isn't it insane
Better to die, than stay in this tortured life

(Victim) Laboratory murder
(Victim) Laboratory death

Taking my coat is no code for you
I need it for my warmth, not for show
Losing my life, for your beauty
Cosmetic beauties made from my death

You kill them for the hell of it, kill them for fun?
But one day Mr. Surgeon your fun will be none
Your labs will be burned when the people rebel
But I'll see you bastards when I'm down in hell

You sacrifice life with a flick of your knife