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Systematic Annex
Death trades

Your hateful minds that feed on death
And should we really beleive that the cause is for the good
That meat is a proper diet in our food
That the sealpups must die for our leisure
And to breed animals for the service of our pleasure
Their life in your hands, to show no remorse
You don't understand that the animals have the right to a life
So live and let live, or is the price too high
That you make a profit from your slaughter
And you make a living out of murder
The subject draws its final breath
And a faint murmur of hateful laughter
The overwhelming screams of the slaughterhouse
A product of the lethal...why?
Have you seen the sealpups killed in their thousands
The brutal callous slaughter of life in their hands
From the fields to the death stenched slaughterhouse
From the blood stained ice to the gift shop
Death dealers who breed on genocide
Luring your male violent brain forward to the onslaught
Your greed soaked desire feeds on the onslaught
Your sadistic minds breed on the onslaught
Your ideas of profit and sickening facts of the onslaught
From the slaughterhouse to the warehouse
Funhouse, pleasurehouse
A profit from your slaughter to make a living out of murder
And the insignificance of it all
Leads to the dumb blindness and discarded feelings of you
As the sun's rays creep through the bars
On the dawn of a new day
They reveal only misery and pain
Torment and cruelty
Deprived of love and affection
The occupants live in isolation and fear
Only death is a happy release
What life do they live when all love is lost?
Death, is that how much freedom costs!