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Alfie - Not an animal rights song, but a song that asks the question "What's it all about? Are we meant to be kind?" That, of course, is the root question of animal rights morality.

Our Sinz Unveiled - Simara Rose

Note: The list is arranged in order of "loudness". Gentle songs are placed first, progressing to louder ones. Songs marked with an asterisk may contain explicit lyrics.

01. Linda Gentille - We make a difference
02. Melanie Safka - I don't eat animals
03. Mark Renburke - Every animal - not available
04. Nellie McKay - The dog song
05. Prince - Animal kingdom
06. Howard Jones - Assault and battery
07. Paul McCartney - Looking for changes
08. Maria Daines - I am the owner of this coat
09. Maria Daines - They wanna kill (have mercy on the ice)
10. The Smiths - Meat is murder
11. Nina Hagen & Lene Lovich - Don't kill the animals
12. Nina Hagen & Lene Lovich - Don't kill the animals (mix)
13. Lene Lovich - Supernature
14. Raw Youth - Tame yourself - not available
15. Dead Prez - Be healthy
16. Robert Wyatt - Pigs...(in there) - not available
17. Captain Sensible - Wot...No meat? - not available
18. The Damned (Captain Sensible) - Torture me
19. Toy Dolls - Nellie the elephant
Skinny Puppy - Testure
20. Crass - Sentiment
21. Poison Girls - The offending article
22. Subculture - Captured from the wilderness
     Subculture - The Sad Smile.  What's Going Wrong.
23. Systematic Annex - Death trades
24. Subhumans - Evolution
Propagandhi - Nailing Descartes to the Wall
25. Citizen Fish - Flesh and blood
26. Citizen Fish - Sacred cows
27. Virus - The turkey - not available
28. Revulsion - Victim
29. Conflict - Tough shit Mickey
30. Conflict - Meat means murder
31. Conflict - Whichever way you want it
Conflict - Berkshire Cunt
32. Oi Polloi - Whale song
33. Oi Polloi - Anarcho-pie (a vegetarian recipe set to music)
34. Oi Polloi - Stop vivisection now* - not available
35. Existance - The voiceless now have a voice
36. A Flux of Pink Indians - Sick butchers
37. A Flux of Pink Indians - Background to malfunction
38. A Flux of Pink Indians - Blinded by science
39. Icons of Filth - Show us you care
40. The Waste - Dig up the duke
41. Active Slaughter - Active slaughter
42. Active Slaughter - My foot in your mouth
43. Resist and Exist - Every last life
44. MDC - Corporate deathburger
      MDC - Real Food, Real People, Real Bullets
45. Varukers - One struggle one fight
46. Varukers - Protect not dissect
47. Varukers - Animals an animal
48. Nausea - Butchers
49. State of Fear - Consumption
State of Fear What comes around goes around
50. Doom - Stop the slaughter
51. Extreme Noise Terror - Murder
Battle of Disarm - Boycott meat
Battle of Disarm - Anti-vivisection
52. Remembering Never - Slaughterhouse blues
53. Napalm Death - Food chains
54. Earth Crisis - New ethic
55. Malignant Tumour - Why animal rights
56. Malignant Tumour - Animal abuse (stop it)

Other Animal rights songs

    "Animal Crimes" by Mad Are Sane

    "The Animals Song" by Robb Johnson

    "Anti-Vivisection" by Battle of Disarm

    "Ban Eat Meat!" by Godfrey Artreides

    "Boxing Day" by Robb Johnson

    "Boycott Meat" by Battle of Disarm

    "Butchers" by Nausea

    "Consumption" by State of Fear

    "Dapple Rose" by Slade

    "The Day Ted Nugent Killed All the Animals" Wally Pleasant

    "Disgustipated" by Tool

    "Don't Kill the Whale" by Yes

    "Electrodes" by Nausea

    "Free Me" by Goldfinger

    "Fuck Ted Nugent" by Goldfinger

    "If I Was a Wolf" by Alice di Micele

    "Insensibilidad" by Ska-P

    "K�malo" by Ska-P

    "Lazy Afternoon" by Bree Sharp

    "Pigman" by Subhumans

    "Purina Hall of Fame" by Propagandhi

    "Shock the Monkey" by Peter Gabriel

    "Small black flowers that grows in the sky" by Manic Street Preachers

    "Spawn Again" by Silverchair

    "Stand By" by Earth Crisis

    "Tastes Like Chicken" by The Vandals

    "This Is A.L.F." by Conflict    Censored - lyrics are banned from reproduction

    "What Goes Around Comes Around" by State of Fear

    "Supermarket Nightmare" by Victim's Family

    "Wild Life" by Paul McCartney & Wings





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