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Catalogue Numbers: MORT CD 90 / MORT DLP 90 | Format: CD / Double LP
Release Date: June 29th 1998

This is A.L.F. MORTCD 90


1. CONFLICT -This Is The A.L.F.; 2. FLUX OF PINK INDIANS-Background Of Malfunction 3. FLUX OF PINK INDIANS -Sick Butchers; 4. CRASS -Sentiment; 5. CHUMBAWUMBA -Unilever; 6. CONFLICT -Meat Means Murder; 7. SUBHUMANS -Evolution; 8. DIRT -Slaughter House Rock; 9. EXITSTANCE -The Voiceless Now Have A Voice; 10. EXITSTANCE -Slaughter House; 11. EXITSTANCE -They Kill Dogs; 12. ICONS OF FILTH -Show Us You Care; 13. ICONS OF FILTH -Success On A Plate (For Who); 14. ICONS OF FILTH -Death Is The Only Release; 15. CONFLICT -Berkshire Cunt; 16. POISON GIRLS -The Offending Article; 17. LIBERTY -Suffer No More; 18. CONFLICT -Tough Shit Mickey; 19. CITIZEN FISH -Flesh And Blood; 20. LOST CHEREES -Poem; 21. LOST CHEREES -Yet Still Comes The Rain; 22. LOST CHEREES -You Didn't Care; 23. CONFLICT -Slaughter Of Innocence; 24. DIRT -Seal Cull; 25. ICONS OF FILTH -Vivisector; 26. EXITSTANCE -Operation Successful; 27. CONFLICT -Whichever Way You Want It

Pop anarchists CHUMBAWUMBA plus CONFLICT, CRASS, FLUX OF PINK INDIANS, DIRT, POISON GIRLS, CITIZEN FISH, SUBHUMANS and many others present pro-saboteur, pro-animal rights, anti-hunt, anti-vivisection, anti-meat, ANGRY DIATRIBES in aid of animal rights!

The animal rights underground movement 'A.L.F.' controversially takes direct action, sometimes even violent action and arson, against those it condemns for cruelty to animals. At times almost synonymous with the anarchist movement 'Class War', the A.L.F. thrives in the anarcho-punk alternative movement.

The A.L.F. are such an insurrectionary threat in the UK, with fire-bombing of fur-stocking department stores and car-bombing of vivisectionists often blamed on them, that anti-terrorist squads from Special Branch and M15 have been set up to investigate them.

For the very first time, EVERY leading anarcho-punk band has come together to contribute tracks for this unique benefit CD, all condemning those who abuse their privilege as humans.

Featuring 27 tracks plus booklet of 24 info-packed pages with a statement by jailed A.L.F. activist Ronnie Lee written from his prison-cell, an article by A.L.F. press officer Robin Webb, + lyrics & A.L.F. contacts. *ALSO RELEASED ON DOUBLE, GATEFOLD VINYL.

Put together by CONFLICT in collaboration with the A.L.F., it updates and expands an edition of a decade ago. This album is not just for the music but for the passionate animal rights cause, and has a hugely committed, if not fanatical, following.

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