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I Just Want Action - No Resistance
Our Sinz Unveiled - Simara Rose
Skinned Alive - Anti-Fur Coalition
Animal Kingdom - Prince
Sentiment - Crass
The Dog Song - Nellie McKay
Meat is Murder - Smiths
Nailing Descartes to the Wall - Propagandhi
Looking for Changes - Paul McCartney
My Skinless Eyes - A Set
No More Science --
Captured from the Wilderness -- Subculture
The Sad Smile -- Subculture
What's Going Wrong -- Subculture
Meat_Means_Murder -- Conflict
Meat is Still Murder -- Propaghandi
Now You Put Your Foot In It -- Conflict
The Lie of Xenotransplantation --
Assault and Battery -- Howard Jones   second copy without talk
Disobedience means --
Dont Kill the Animals -- Nina Hagen
Dialogue-Life community --
Supernature -- Lene Lovich
Hanging Fire -- Shriekback
Hunter -- Luc Van Acker
Life plus Cruel Circus -- Colour Field
Monkey In A Bin -- Attrition
Don't Kill The Animals ('91 Mix) -- Nina Hagen and Lene Lovich
Rage --
Tame Yourself -- Raw Youth
Silent Cry -- Chris and Cosey
Slaves --
We Make A Difference -- Linda Gentille
Wot--No Meat--Capt Sensible.mp3
Free Me -- Flash presentation. General animal rights with music by Goldfinger
Remedy -- Hot Water Music
More Depalma, Less Fellini -- Good Riddance
F--K Ted Nugent -- Goldfinger
Agenda Suicide -- The Faint
Purina Hall of Fame -- Propagandhi
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous -- Good Charlotte
Beyond the Shadows -- District 7
Russell Crowe's Band -- Frenzal Rhomb
And the Hero Will Drown -- Story of the Year
I Could Never Hate You -- The Eyeliners
Bring Out Your Dead -- Anti-Flag
Man and Wife, The Latter -- Desaparecidos
Waste -- Bigwig
This House is Not a Home -- Midtown
Just a Little -- The Used
Clams Have Feelings Too -- NOFX
Real People

YOUTH OF TODAY's  "No More" and  SHELTER's  "Civilized Man" are anthems for animal rights
    Youth of Today:

Here is the link to the mp3 "Cost of an Animal"...we also have many other songs regarding animal rights including a very popular one from our 1st album called "Unjustified Murder"...please feel free to link us...we would be honored. The lyrics to all our songs are provided under the "words" section off the main website.      Thanks again-with respect...BobDead

I wrote a song about what I feel a dog thinks when they are penned up. Here is the link if you want to hear it.  Happy Holidays, Tom 

Why We Must Die For Your Palate.pdf


Destination -- Not Fucking Funny
End Result -- Control
Idi Amin -- Confrontation
Depressor -- Animals - Male Domination



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