Headbangers with a heart! British heavy metal legends Judas Priest, who just finished a world tour that took them across Australia for the first 
time, are best known for rocking tracks like 'Breaking the Law' and for their anthem 'Hell Bent for Leather'. But the title of this song hit a sour 
note with the biggest animal rights group in the world, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and spurred them to write to the rockers,
urging them to shed animal skins and consider singing a different tune: 'Hell Bent for Pleather'.

PETA had hoped for a response after the band finished their tour, but amazingly, Judas Priest faxed back right away to explain that the band 
are all animal lovers and 'their stage clothes are not made from real leather -- they are made from a synthetic material that looks like leather'.

Thrilled at the news that the metal heads wear their hearts on their sleeves, PETA have posted a photo of the band in their faux finery on 
its pro-vinyl Web site, which also features other celebrities like Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson, Janet Jackson and Catherine Zeta-Jones in
animal-friendly attire.

Hey, did you think those long black trenchcoats in 'The Matrix' looked pretty cool? They're Pleather too!!

Did you know Australia has its own vegan wares shop?