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Minions of Cruel Demise


Minions of Cruel Demise ©Starlit.mp3
lyrics/vocals/art  by Simara Delilah Rose 
music by Max 

Shallow brainless
your so famous 
for your dolls that  blown up 
dead inside so you can hide where is your pride 
all grown up 
don’t show the truth  
I cant bear to see
ur through. the roof 
with your honesty 
wipe all the blood  
hide  remains of face 
guilt is a drug 
please don’t leave trace 

minions of cruel demise 
feeding on fear and lies 
gurus of vacancy 
sadism so blatantly 

Your silence seals the deal
Alliance not to feel
We make a holocaust
We don’t conceive pay the cost
There’s laughter when there’s pain
You’re justice speaks in vain
Their lives washed down the drain
We don’t believe such a loss

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