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Matchbox Twenty

April 2008

Dear Friends,

As we told you earlier this week, Matchbox Twenty will not be performing at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo after viewing SHARK's video footage of last year's Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo and other rodeos.

A press release sent out today, April 10th, states:

Regrettably, Matchbox Twenty will not be able to perform at Cheyenne Frontier Days on July 18. After careful consideration it was decided that the participating in this event would directly contradict the mission statement of SIDEWALK ANGELS FOUNDATION, our non profit organization.

The other members of matchbox twenty support this decision and while we understand that a great deal of effort went into planning of this show, and apologize to any and all fans who purchased tickets to see us, we ask that they please understand that it would be impossible for us to put ourselves in the position of making money from what we believe to be the mistreatment of animals.


Rob and Marisol Thomas and The Sidewalk Angels Foundation

SHARK is truly impressed and sincerely appreciative of Rob and Marisol's dedication for the animals. They not only withdrew from CFD, but also provided a public statement as to why.

Additional media coverage about this includes:

LA Times Billboard

Please take a moment to thank Rob and Marisol Thomas at:

SidewalkAngelsFound ation@yahoo. com

for their benevolence and courage.

Or, leave a positive message on the Sidewalk Angels Forum (or see what others are saying here):

Sidewalk Angels Forum

Also, please go to the following link and add your supportive comments to the band. There are a lot of negative comments from rodeo thugs. Please let the band know that we know they are heros. You will need to sign in, but all things considering, it is certainly worth it for the animals.

Official Matchbox Twenty Forum

For more information about this issue, and to view the videos that inspired MB20's decision, go to: ShameOnCheyenne. com

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