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A Christmas Prayer for Shelter Dogs - Maria Daines

Another heart rending poem (see below) written by the great Maria Daines
(international singer/songwriter for the animals).

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October 06, 2010

'A Christmas Prayer for Shelter Dogs'

Christmas is coming and the dogs are getting fat

This is because of over breeding but some don't care about that!

Some people just want money and they don't care how it comes

And many unspayed mothers will soon become new mums...

What about their puppies, where will the poor things go?

When shelters are overflowing and the pounds are full of woe

What happens to the unwanted when Christmas has gone by?

Will you think of them next April when they sit alone and cry?

Will you go to your local shelter and see how many wait?

So many worried faces staring sadly at the gate…

Nowhere to call their own, no family, no home

Now there's just too many and some will die alone...

They'll go off to the clinic with their little heads held high

Some just six months old, they don't expect to die

They'll wag their waggy tails for all the world to see

But you won't hear their cries as they wriggle to break free

They will feel a sharp injection; it will take their breath away

And leave them floppy on the table; they won't see another day...

And this is because of humans, because we breed and sell and buy

We don't ask any questions because we think we're right.

We just carry on regardless, doing things we've always done

But somewhere a little pup will lose her life before it’s begun.

Each year the story grows into a graveyard of the lost

And we are all responsible for the fate of companion dogs

We could all make a difference; we could all save a life

If we stopped our greed, our ignorance and did not breed or buy.

So remember in December when the adverts begin again

That each new litter is a warning, that a dog will die in vain

In fact many, many dogs will never reach a grand old age

Because someone didn't care enough to neuter or to spay!

So endlessly we hear the plight of those we call best friends

But do we really care enough to stop and make amends?

Will we think of how they feel when they are waiting all alone?

And there's nobody to save them because too many need a home.

Some will never make it though they have so much to give

It's hard to be forgotten when you haven’t even lived...

Maria Daines
'Compassion is the vital link that makes life bearable when all else fails'
Maria Daines

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