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Where Do All The Angles Go?

a song to remember Oreo and all those precious animals who do not get the chance to reach a new and happy life.
Maria & Paul xx
(Maria Daines/Paul Killington)

Precious Oreo, Rest in Peace

A song to remember Oreo and all the animals who do not get the chance to reach a happy life.

Please feel free to send us the names of animal friends that you would like included on this memorial page so they will never be forgotten.

Jonah and Ed, remembered by Neesan

Justice and Mack remembered by Ariel

Angel, Justice and Little No Name, remembered by Bonnie

Ree, remembered by Jan and Rich Russom

Baby Boy, remembered by Rosanna Krenn

Cat, remembered by Paul and Maura

Peanut and Bambi, remembered by Janine Choplick

Klausie, remembered by MeSheLL

Snow and Dugan the rabbits, Jazz and Fuzzbucket the guinea pigs, remembered by Jody

'Where do all the angels go?'

Where do all the angels go?
Their little hearts get broken by the world
How do we protect their souls?
When human beings cannot see their worth

How can we believe our eyes?
The cruelty that breaks them as they fall
They look to us to soothe their cries
And one by one we try to catch them all

So tell me how we end this hurt?
This tragedy we live through every hour
Tell me why my love won't work
Where do angels lay their flowers?

Mighty forces move through skies
And rockets land on stars in empty space
But there's a story in your eyes
The pain I see that you have had to face

Oh my dear I'd save you if I could
You know I'd move a mountain just to be there
But I am just a teardrop in the flood
And every day the tide of hate is deeper

Oh I know you've had so little time
You didn't grow and reach what you were here for
But I will always think of you as mine
And you will be remembered as my tears fall...

- Maria Daines/Paul Killington
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