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Saving Bruce


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Saving Bruce

I just sent a second copy of the Bruce news as I hadn't included all links in the first so please use the 2nd copy if you post it. Also we have a new song for Greek Animals entitled 'Greek Tragedy'. I haven't had time to make a page on our website yet but it's posted to our myspace, I include the download link for you in case you want to put it in the player and for now you can hear it here -

Download link -

Bruce, hang in there, the world is trying to save you!

Dear all,

I'm sharing this because it's important. A brilliant comment posted by Sully on the link below in the comments section, scroll down to add your compassionate VOICE for Bruce the bully type dog who has been sentenced to death because he 'looks like'.... yes you read that right... he looks like a pit bull. I think Sully's message in defence of Bruce says it all -

Bruce is waiting on death row in Northern Ireland. He has a stay of execution until August, we need to speak up NOW!!

From Sully: As a canine trainer and people instructor I have seen it all. I train any dog and any breed and this is what trainers are supposed to do. I train, I do not treat. I educate humans in the canine world and this allows the dogs a chance in our world.( Respect and training and team work.) I have many pit bulls in my classes and they are never a problem. I have many Doxy's in my classes and 8 out of ten think they should be kicking some dogs butt as the pit bull will just look on and wonder what all the commotion is about.? It is not the breed that needs to be put down but the handlers that need to be educated. Owning a canine is a responsibility that requires some education prior to purchasing. You wouldn't give your kid the keys to the car without first teaching him how to drive, would you? If you answered yes, then you shouldn't have a dog or a kid. Let's deal with the issue here. Most canines are people pleasing and willing to learn if educated? So, educate! Educate yourself and the canine.

I have found that people treat a canine like it was a human and this is where the trouble starts.

Bruce should be brought home as he has done no wrong. In fact, there is a Search and Rescue canine that looks exactly like Bruce that goes out into disaster areas and saves human lives. This beautiful canine is known as Chico man. He was found in the street and with help and guidance, educated to help the human race in times of disaster-.Yes he is of the Bull terrier breed or better known as a pit bull--a truly magnificent animal and true to his breed. Devoted and willing to give his life for another--need I say more?

Education is the key here for both human and canine. Poor Bruce looks like hell with his nose all chewed up and his tail infected. Who is in charge of this dogs well being anyways?

Bring Bruce home and educate people in the canine mind and world, so we can all live in harmony. If people are cruel then punish them to the fullest for animal abuse. Education is the key to solving problems prior to the problems beginning.

Bruce has committed no crime so he should not have to live like a criminal.

Until Bruce has done something wrong, let him live.

Hang in there Bruce. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Now please leave your comment on this link below.

Thank you, you are helping to save a life!

Further link updates - stay informed about BSL, if this can happen to Bruce it can happen to any family dog!


Bring Bruce home where he belongs

A plea from Bruce

Facebook groups that can hopefully help -


Bring Bruce Home facebook group -

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