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Rescuer's Prayer


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Dedicated to all the rescuers around the world who are making a difference to the lives of unwanted and neglected animals.

You are giving these precious creatures a voice and a chance, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

These photographs are of Marijo Gillis, WAG, New York (Welfare for Animals Global) rescuing Lucky and Zoe from a terrible fate.

Marijo and Rescued Dog

Lucky and Zoe on a Cushion

Lucky                               Zoe

Marijo Gillis (email) ~

~ Rescuers Prayer ~

Oh that I could spare your pain
And tell the world how beautiful you are to me
I see your eyes through cloud and rain
Your spirit is a light beyond the cruelty

You trust in the ones that confine you
You love when the hurt has downed you
Oh if only dreams came true
Oh if only I could save you

Gentle is your heart so near
Broken in a world that never knew your name
I will hold your memory dear
Burning in my soul a precious candle flame

We rescue the ones we believe in
We care ever more in our grieving
Parting is our sorrow's work
Dear Lord make their voices heard...

Oh that I could spare your pain
And tell the world how beautiful you are to me...

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