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Moose The Wolf-Dog

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(Maria Daines)
Maria Daines/Paul Killington

We received a heartrending letter from a lady called Judy who had lost her wolfdog 'Moose' 3 years ago. Her husband is a musician and songwriter but she said he had been unable to write a song for Moose because he broke down in tears each time he talked about him. She asked if we could write a song in memory of their special boy. On the day Paul and I received Judy's letter it was uncanny that as I was reading it to Paul, he was strumming some chords on his guitar and the minute I turned around and sung an idea to him he said it was exactly what he had just been playing. So this song was really meant to be and here is the letter we received from Judy when she heard Moose's song for the first time.

Dear Maria and Paul,
I am at a lost for words, I still have tears in my eyes, you captured the song perfectly with your words, yes that is what Moose would have said. I will forever be indebted to you for such a touching song, my husband will be home in about 30 minutes and I can't wait for him to hear it. I just can't thank you enough, it is so beautiful, I feel like I now have a little closure after all this time he has been gone from us. I love you all deeply and thank you so very, very much. All my love, Judy

Moose the Wolfdog

Oh I'm smiling down on you today
I'm not so very far away
I'm in your heart and you're in mine
Our lives belong to passing time

I never meant to go away
I know you did your best for me
We'd do it all again I know
Tomorrow is a winding road

A wolf in heart and spirit wild
You loved me like a precious child
I run the mountains in the sky
I never really left your side

Now dry your tears and do not cry
For where you are then so am I
I feel the peace of gentle sleep
Resting in your soul to keep.

Maria Daines/Paul Killington
All Rights Reserved
(mcps) ASCAP

Rest In Peace Precious Moose

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