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Monkey in a Cage - August 20th Launch

August 20th Launch


Dear friends,

We are writing to invite you to listen to the following powerful protest song, "Monkey in a Cage", with a view to recommending it to animal lovers worldwide, who will be asked to download it on its release day - August the 20th.

"Monkey in a Cage", (MiaC), written and performed by internationally acclaimed artist, Maria Daines, has been successful on independent music charts and Maria will be supporting pop singer "Pink" at the launch of "Party For Animals World Wide", at Cardiff International Arena, on the 21st of August.

Maria released a cd entitled 'Music United for Animals' to raise awareness of animal cruelty issues in November 2006, and the project raises funds for grass roots rescue.

With Europe fast approaching an historic time for campaigners against primate experiments, our plan is to enable the publicity from MiaC to help NAVS' Written Declaration 40/2007, which calls for the end of primate experiments as a priority in Europe. At the time of writing, 296 MEPs have signed this important Declaration, with a total of 394 needed by September the 6th.


Advice and guidance for this project has been given generously by a professional music promoter working with Sting and Sheryl Crow. It is estimated that only 8,000 downloads are needed to enter the mainstream charts, so there is little doubt that with your assistance, together we have a very real possibility of achieving our aim.

Needless to add, (as you may already be aware), some of Europe's leading anti vivisection scientists are starting to work closely with the animal rights movement, to enable top level science to join forces with established ethical campaigns. It was great to read specialist Parkinson's research scientist Dr Claude Reiss' hard hitting challenge to every aspect of Oxford University's proposed new monkey lab here, posted on the SPEAK website, in honour of World Lab Animal Day:

You may well also have read neurosurgeon Dr Marius Maxwell's strong views against the monkey lab here 

We feel the time is right for a new initiative to help at this historic juncture, and we would be delighted if you could pass this email on to as many people you know worldwide who may be interested in helping laboratory animals through this unique opportunity.

Last, but by no means least, artist Maria Daines wishes all proceeds from the song's download to be donated to the incredible, and much deserving, Cef-yr-Erw primate sanctuary in Wales 

Together, we can make this happen and put the plight of animals on the media

Kind regards,
Kerry and Kris (APE)

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