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Maria Daines

Will You Be There - Tribute

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Save Our World - by Maria Daines

CD - Music United for Animals

A Christmas Puppy - Oct 2010
A Christmas Prayer for Shelter Dogs - Oct 2010

Shelter Me - new 18 song CD

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Bring Lennox Home - Dec 2011

English Musicians Saving America's Horses -Aug 2010


From Maria to Madonna - December 2006

Interview on BBC (mp3) May 2006

Interview on BBC (mp3) June 2006

Interview on BBC (mp3) July 2006

Video - Stop That, It Hurts

Spoken Message for Primates in Research


Shepherds Of The Seas 

for the film DANCE OF DEATH

Shepherds of The Seas
- Translated into Japanese by Yuka Yamashita

'End Bsl'

Save My Life 


A song called 'Home' and good hearts in Cornwall

Miracle (Patrick)


Hymn To The Voiceless


One Dog, One Life

A Song for Red

Jollity Farm 

God Bless Jack


A Song For Angel


Not Guilty

A Minority Pastime

Liberate me Now

Buddy's Song

Dead In the Water

Killing Your Own

Where Do All The Angles Go?

Pit Bull

Saving Bruce

Greek Tragedy

 Ebru's Story

The Staffie Song


Forgotten Friends

Save Our World

Little Mac

Shelter Me


The Old Bag Wears Fur


Galgos Blues

Racing to Death sung by Petra Luna

Chained To You

Heart and Soul

Justice For Regina

Dog Walker

Moose The Wolf-Dog

Old Dogs

Maggie's Song

Justice For Tammy

Is It Bad Enough For You?

Chain Space

Tobey's Song

Slaughterhouse Blues

Racing To Death
'Racing To Death' Recorded in Dutch

One Small Dog

Stand Up For Zeke

Foie Gras Violent Food

Monkey In A Cage

Your Meat Is Our Murder

Abandoned In Romania

Rescuer's Prayer

Song for the Motherless Calf

Rise Up (make this moment last)

I Am the Owner of This Coat

Ballad of Mary Ann Bones


Set Us Free

Stop That It Hurts

They Wanna Kill

Song For Mercy

Fozzie Bear's Story

I Don't Wanna Fight No More

I Wanna Run Free


Are You My Friend?

Baby Boy

Second Chance

Forgotten Friend


An Interview With Maria Daines, Dec 2007

Maria Daines fronts a hard working no nonsense rock band playing original material written by Maria and guitarist Paul Killington. Hailing from Cambridgeshire, UK, they formed in 1996 and became a fixture of the East Anglian live music scene, notching up over 700 gigs, including supporting Wishbone Ash and making several TV appearances throughout the 90's.

Maria Daines garnered acclaim in over 20 countries, winning many awards, notably International Artist of the Year 2006 and 2007, Best vocalist (IOMA) Artist of the Year Soundclick 2005, Best Female Vocalist Dmusic, Golden Kayak Awards at the Independent Artist Company 2005, Best Female Artist 2006, Best Country Song 2006, Texas Humane Legislation Network Humane-itarian Award 2006 and top artist of all time at Songplanet Radio, enabling chart success in blues, rock and country genres on many popular OMD's including no 1 at Cashbox Magazine's Indie hitsline earlier this year.

In August 2007, the band supported US artist "Pink" at the Party For Animals Worldwide Launch at Cardiff International Arena. The concert raised over ?90,000 for six important animal welfare charities.

APE (Against Primate Experiments) is releasing the fantastic rock song "Monkey In A Cage" (MiaC) in February 2008 with all proceeds going to animal rescue. The song can be heard here:

http://iacmusic. com/songs. aspx?SongID= 34807&ArtistID=18307

With support from Maria's UK publisher and a top music promoter working with international stars Sheryl Crow and Sting, MiaC is now ready for distribution to mainstream radio, following a successful debut on BBC Radio Cambridge and recent playlisting on Total Rock!!

APE have had fantastic support from MEP's regarding this original chart challenge, with quotes of support from Norman Baker, Mike Hancock, John Bowis and Paul

"No civilised country should be using highly intelligent and sensitive creatures for experiments, the purpose of which is all too often simply to make money. Crude 18th century medical practices have no place in our 21st century world".
       -- Norman Baker MP

"I am very happy to support this song and the campaign to ban experiments on primates. It is clear that primates are intelligent beings with feelings. We should not therefore subject them to needless suffering and pain. I hope this song will help highlight the campaign and increase the pressure on Government to ban experiments on them".
      -- Mike Hancock CBE MP

"Nobody wants to put human life or health at risk but increasingly we are aware that primate testing is largely unnecessary. We can therefore move towards a world when we no longer have to sacrifice primates in the search for scientific advance. In the first instance we can absolutely ban the use of the great apes and of animals caught in the wild. Then we can put the pressure on to find and validate alternatives to the tests that currently use macaques and marmosets."
      -- John Bowis MP

"I think the song is excellent, and I applaud this noble effort in raising awareness of the horror of primate experimentation" .
      -- Paul Blanchard MP

APE have already had articles printed in the Independent newspaper and Lifescape magazine and we are currently looking for other media outlets who may be interested in running an article regarding this original chart challenge.

If you would like to help us with this exciting project, then please contact us here at APE.

http://neesan.webs. com

07724 002054


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