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CD- Music United For Animals

'Music United For Animals'

By Maria Daines

'Music United For Animals' is a cd of animal welfare/animal rights songs.

The track list includes 'Your meat is our Murder' a song to expose the misery of animals caught up in the factory farming trade.

We recently viewed behind the scenes film footage of UK factory farms and we were shocked, we believed animals destined for the dinner plate are treated humanely, sadly instances of cruelty and neglect are widespread.

Here is the song link -

http://www.maria- music-32. html

Other songs on the album highlight the issue of stray dogs in Romania, vivisection, fur trade, bear bile farming, the use of animals in the circus, puppy mill breeding factories, horse slaughter and the annual killing of seal pups.

All songs and info can be found here -

http://www.maria- music.html

The journey to make a collection of songs as a voice for animals in distress has been emotional, exciting, hard work, rewarding, and a real eye-opener.

We are available to promote this album in the coming weeks, please contact us if you would like a copy of the cd or an interview. All proceeds of the album will benefit small grass roots rescue organisations and animal shelters.

Thank you,

best wishes,

from Maria Daines & Paul Killington

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Maria Daines and Paul Killington, 2006

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