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Dear all,

I had to do something for Jonah so I've written some words for him and narrated them on the link below. I hope this message reaches those in Turkey who denied this sweet dog a second chance. Feel free to share with friends of animals.

Love from Maria xx

Karam Jonah

In memory of a small stray dog from Turkey who had broken legs and who was callously dragged into a garbage truck and disposed of. Jonah survived his injuries on the street, he even survived being crushed in a garbarge truck. The thing that killed him was the apathy, ignorance and cruelty of human beings.

Jonah was prevented from leaving his country despite many offers of financial help and many offers of rehoming from abroad. Jonah needed specialist medical treatment but it was denied him.

Rest in peace dear boy

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Maria Daines
December 2008


A short tragic life lived in pain

Not pain that leads to something better

To recovery, or a quiet peaceful home

Safe with those you know

Where you are wanted for your happy presence

Treasured for your soft ears

And trusting eyes

Welcomed for your gentle spirit

Called upon when you stray too far

Missed when you are out of sight

Or a little too far from loving arms

Arms that would have cradled you

As you slept, dreaming of love...

Now, dear Jonah, you slumber safe

In the eternal shelter of a million caring hearts

For not all human beings are cruel

The ones who let you down

The callous brutes who could not see

How much you mattered

Those that trespassed through your right to life

Those that dragged barriers across your final hope

Drawing curtains of ignorance around your sorrow

So your suffering might be alone

They, and only they, each and every one that stole your escape

Keeping you far from rescue

They may waken each morning

With the knowledge that they matter least.

For their aging broken souls carry boulders of emptiness

Their shallow agenda will weaken and be rendered useless

Their eyes shall dim with cowardice

And their hollow, worthless shame

Shall become a prison for their lack of dignity.

Yet you, dear creature of another world

Resting soundly now, your body healed of ache and pain

Renewed and repaired, you are at one with the Rainbow

Aloof from this planet where a species of savages roams

You shall be remembered always, far from this dumb world

You will shine brightly as a butterfly in moonlight

You are amongst the friends who gathered you to their hearts

Friends who tried to pull you closer through an unfathomable distance

Friends who wished you an almighty strength

To fight an interminable struggle of indifference

They will never know the power, Jonah

Or the pleasure of man's beautiful best friend

A friend who would be devoted to their very being

Loyal and enchanting, a comrade in compassionate war

The antidote to human angst and a miracle beyond all reason

Each heart encased in fur shall live amongst the brave forever more.

Those who let you down

And those who were not content with living their own wretched life

Those who blocked your path to recovery simply because they could

Those so ignorant that they possess nothing of any value

Their empathy is shipwrecked somewhere in a shrunken sea

They are already forgotten...

Whilst you remain a rock of hope and a beacon of our need

A symbol of all that we may overcome

You were not ruined, they could not break you

For you are what they can never be.

You live inside those that care for life

You belong to everyone that ever cared.

And through your suffering this night shall never end

For wherever the voiceless guardians unite

Wherever they stand tall and turn against the cruelty

Wherever a plea is heard

There will be no silence. No apathy

No challenge worthy if not borne of love

Your life and death will never be over.

Your brief moment in this bleak space and time

Will not be in vain.

You are our memory

We promise.


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