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Jollity Farm by Maria Daines

No other could have written and recorded such an amazing song for and in memory of our Jollity Farm
by Maria Daines and Paul Killington


Jollity Farm - Maria Daines.mp3


A tribute song to show our grateful thanks for the compassionate work of Mary Alice and Chris Pollard (pictured above) and remembering always the wonderful safe haven of peace they created for the rescue animals of Jollity Farm.

Jollity Farm - Febuary 20th 1997 to January 20th 2010


We will always treasure fond memories of our visits to Jollity Farm in Gerrans, Cornwall. Jollity was home to over 40 rescue animals, from chickens, turkeys, ponies, ducks, sheep and goats, even tortoises were kept safe, well fed and loved by the kind hands of Mary Alice and Chris.

Since Jollity Farm closed due to the demands of developers earlier this year, I have wanted to express how I felt about the loss of this special little place of green and comforting beauty and peace. I know Mary and Chris were heartbroken. Can you imagine, over 10 years of your life and work gone in an instant. All the animals were found the best forever homes possible, but still it was wrong that progress gobbled up a small sanctuary and cast it to the wayside. Later we learned that it was all for nothing, the developers didn't actually want or need the land that Jollity stood on. That was the final cut. Yet Mary and Chris, ever determined to do what they can to help animals at risk and in need, created a new, tiny sanctuary in a field nearby and they are still saving lives and giving their fur and feathered friends a life of happiness and care in a small peaceful corner of Gerrans now known as The Jollity Meadow.

Paul and I wanted to make something beautiful out of the sad story of the loss of Jollity Farm and so we wrote this song as a gift to Mary and Chris. We hope they will know how much we wish things had been different and through this song share our feelings, because there was no other place like Jollity and a little piece of our hearts will always be there.

The true spirit of Jollity remains and it is rebuilt, smaller but just as safe and peaceful for those animals that need a home and those that nobody else can save.


The words ---

I been tryin' to write this song, too long
Feels like breakin' an arm
Something's stirrin' in my heart, long gone
I'm goin' home, to my Jollity Farm

Someone took away my home, hard as stone
Cut me to the bone
Now I wander in the blue, because of you
I never felt so alone

Some folks fall n' some folks cry
You'll see hardship in their eyes
They'll stand tall to do what's right
Some give up n' some give in
And I know just where you been
Your gentle heart will bear the fight

I saw Alfy in my dreams, sweet dreams
Never saw love so true
I know heaven ain't so far, too far
For someone good as you

People hurt n' people change, not you
Your love stays the same
If I'm comin' home today, well it ain't far
I'm comin' home, to my Jollity Farm

Progress swept away your land, good land
Cast those wicked deeds
Broke your hearts n' wrecked your plans, oh man
Blew away the seeds

But I know you are fightin' still, you always will
Keepin' life from harm
You put that flag back on the hill, yeah you rebuilt
Yeah you rebuilt, our Jollity Farm...

-Maria Daines/Paul Killington
All Rights Reserved
(mcps) ASCAP



Mary Alice and Alfy

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