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Greek Tragedy

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Our new song 'Greek Tragedy' was inspired by a rescue dog in Greece that I read about in GAR's spring/summer newsletter 'Boney Fingers... the story of Lazarus' The little dog, now named Bonnie, made a miraculous recovery with the help of her rescuer's at Aesops Welfare Society in Kavala.

                             before                                                        after com/watch? v=iQ-jzVDRQBM

The hard-hitting and very moving song GREEK TRAGEDY, written by Maria Daines and performed by her and guitarist Paul Killington, was inspired by the story of 'Boney Fingers', a very thin hunting dog rescued on 25 March in Kavala, northern Greece. Now called BONNIE, the dog made a full recovery and her future is secure.

Sadly, there are countless dogs like Boney Fingers in Greece and their plight is depicted in the slideshow prepared for and uploaded on You Tube. All the photos used in the slideshow were taken in the past 4 months and they are just a small example of the atrocities committed against animals in Greece.

We urge you to please 'spread the word'..... forward this email and the link to the slideshow to everybody you know and I ask our Greek friends to do likewise and include the Greek authorities on the list of people they send emails to. PLEASE also add a comment on the You Tube slideshow. Yes, I know, it's one of many slideshows on the subject, but this one not only shows many recent photos, but is also accompanied by a song with hard-hitting lyrics, written specially to highlight the plight of animals in Greece.

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