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Ebru's Story

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Ebru in happier days at the Marmara Hotel

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'But for the sake of some little mouthful of flesh, we deprive a soul of the sun and light, and of that portion of life and time it had been born into the world to enjoy.'
      ~Plutarch, C.A.D. 46-C

(Maria Daines/Paul Killington)


Thank you for believing in me
For twelve long years you stood by me
Thank you for the days that we shared
I was a star wasn't I, I knew you cared

I waited by the hotel door
I met your guests, made them feel at home
A street dog with a smile and a paw
Such a shame I can't be with you no more

Oh people, people I miss you all
They hurt my heart but they can't kill me
I know that I live on in your soul
You are there, my friends are with me

Thank you for the times that we knew
I loved my life, I wasn't just a dog to you
You kept me fed on happiness and food
Don't wanna leave you but you know this world is blue.

Oh people, people I miss you all
They hurt my heart but they can't kill me
I know that I live on in your soul
You are there, my friends are with me

I knew sometime the good times would end
That's what it's like when you're a dog friend
You have to take what pain comes your way
Just live your life, take life the hard way

Ebru was my name, I was kind
Many people loved me in my lifetime
I didn't pass away in my sleep
I gave the angels up above my precious soul to keep

Hey, Hey

People, people I miss you all
They hurt my heart but they can't kill me
I know that I live on in your soul
You are there, my friends are with me
Oh people, people I miss you all
They hurt my heart but they can't kill me
I know that I live on in your soul
You are there, my friends are with me.

� Maria Daines/Paul Killington
All Rights Reserved
(mcps) ASCAP
8th June 2009

*A poem for Ebru*

Goodbye my friends I'm never far away
Just by the hotel door, a happy paw
I'm here just like I was so many years before
Lying peaceful near the visitors that come to call
I smiled and wagged my tail on many sunny days
And now I've gone away...
Goodbye my friends I'm only half asleep
With one eye on the folks who loved to see an old stray dog
That was me, old Ebru, I was part of you, you gave me hope
Goodbye my friends I know you tried to save me, it was not to be
This is the end and yet beginnings heal you see
Together we can mend a world for dogs like me...
Goodbye my friends don't let the sadness hurt your heart
For we are one in spirit, never less apart
Goodbye and never wonder for I am at rest
Care for those I leave behind and do your best.
Goodbye my friends.

Maria Daines


A PR Lesson for the Marmara Hotel

Picture by Engin Gercek

Picture by Engin Gercek

A PR Lesson for the Marmara Hotel

In a day marked by the tragedy of the loss of Ebru, the stray dog, one of Istanbul's most endearing symbols we have witnessed one of the most blatantly misguided examples of a PR exercise.

The Marmara cared flawlessly for Ebru for over a decade. They allowed her to stay on the premises, they feed her, water her and provided for all veterinary treatment. The Marmara was, and still is, an example of how a company should exercise its civic and humane duty. So… up to here is great.

But then the unexpected happens. Ebru gets kicked like a ball by some thug or thugs in the vicinity. The animal the hotel had protected for so long is fatally injured and ends up dead 48 hours later.

What would have been just a sad but quiet event some years ago inmediately found its way onto the computer screens of many thousands of people in a manner of minutes. And this presented a PR challenge for the Marmara hotel.

It was a matter of choice:

a) Present themselves as the concerned entity that had lost an old friend.

b) Rush to the veterinary clinic, collect the body in a hurry to avoid further questioning and issue a statement saying the poor innocent Ebru died of old age. In short, pretend it didn't happen. Conventional wisdom would have said The Marmara choose option A. It would have been a great opportunity to show the human side of a great company.

Instead it choose option B.

Since the Press caught on the unfortunate event the Public Relations Team of the Hotel has been working overtime issuing press statements, and sending emails to its Business/Gold members stating that Ebru died of old age.

Why would they do that? They obviously cared for that animal. Why would they go to such extend as to fake the cause of death?

The answer its simple: Its bad for business.

What would people think about the ability of the Marmara to take care of its guests if they cannot even take care of their dog? Is the Taxim area a safe place to stay? Is it advisable to walk around at night?

Some would even think.. ummm.. maybe people will think its not safe to come to Istanbul.. so.. lets pretend poor old Ebru just up and died!!!

On one side you have Turkish largest animal protection network, who, unfortunately, has to deal with similar cases on a daily basis, presenting accompanying pictures showing Ebru just out of an operation and showing a massive scar across her belly. That operation lasted for hours and it wouldn't have been perform hadn't it been because of its extreme urgency. Ebru presented clear signs of trauma and this had nothing to do with old age.

Ebru small

On the other hand you have a nervous Public Relation executive desperately trying to deal with a situation for which he was clearly not prepared.

Here are the pictures and the story. Ebru is dead. Her body has been collected by the Hotel. To this time we have no idea of what happen with Ebru's body.

Surely, The Marmara PR Team will come out with a good answer for that question. Our suggestion, the Marmara should look at its PR policy and they should try a more open, transparent and honest approach in the future. After all the Marmara group is an institution in this country.

Lets Adopt wont engage in further discussion on this issue. Instead we maintain our reward of USD 2000 to whomever provides vital information which leads to the conviction of Ebru's killers.

Lets Adopt

LAST UPDATE: Ilhan, the veterinary surgeon at Animalia has declined to make any statements on the issue of Ebrus death.

Some of you will find this puzzling. It is not so. Ilhan is an excellent professional and he cannot release false statements. He would never announce Ebrus cause of death old age.

Once again, we applaud the work of the Maramara hotel for the last 12-14 years… unfortunately they decided to follow the advice of a wrong PR adviser..

There are already calls for a Boycott to the Marmara Hotel. Lets Adopt will NOT support any calls for Boycott to the Marmara Hotel, on the contrary, we hope their business continues to flourish and they keep to their pet-friendly policy, support of the Istanbul stray and sponsor of some of the most dedicated animal protectors in this city.

Ebru Close crop

Ebru hard copy Hurriyet small

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